January 12, 2017 · In The News

Bold thinkers and daring inventors show off the coolest new products at CES 2017


Thank you to everyone who joined us at CES 2017, we hope you had as much fun as we did! Each year, it gets bigger and bigger, thanks to the bold and daring entrepreneurs like you. We spent five days navigating the CES floor to speak with thought leaders, successful entrepreneurs, creative partners and tech-gadget enthusiasts. Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

Product-launch experts coached entrepreneurs in manufacturing, design and retail

More than 100 entrepreneurs stopped by the Indiegogo Zone to connect with experts at Arrow, Amazon Launchpad, Motorola, Riverwood Solutions, Brookstone and Target Open House:

  • Campaigners met with Target Open House and Brookstone representatives to find out if their product is retail ready. After testing Fotokite, the kite-drone combo that takes aerial photography, Lauren van Heerden, the Chief Innovation Officer, announced that she’s “seen a lot of drones, but Fotokite is the next level.”
  • We interviewed experts at Arrow, Riverwood Solutions, Brookstone, Target and Amazon for their tips on manufacturing, design and retail in this episode of Go Time.

Over 160 proud Indiegogo campaigners showed off the latest technology products


We were proud to see entrepreneurs introduce unique and innovative products at CES this year, like Tinkerbots, Evapolar, Ecoreco, PlayDate, Bullrest, Omnicharge and more.


We navigated around the dancing robots, under the flying drones and through the VR booths to visit (and play with) over 160 exhibiting Indiegogo products:

  • Whirlpool revealed their Zera Food Recycler and demonstrated how it composts food into soil in 24 hours! Whirlpool also had so much excitement about its Vessi tap they prompted attendees to buy the product on the spot straight from Indiegogo!
  • We caught up with a handful of campaigners to talk shop about converting body heat into electricity, hacking Alexa to turn household furniture into smart furniture, converting your food waste into fertilizer in less than 24hrs, and how to survive CES as a first time exhibitor in this episode of Go Time.

Indiegogo entrepreneurs were recognized for their success


Not only did current and past Indiegogo campaigners exhibit throughout the CES floor, but many were recognized for their innovation:

  • The Matrix Powerwatch beat a thousand other tech products and won CES’s Last Gadget Standing award.
  • Square Off received Digital Trends’ “Top Tech of CES 2017” award.
  • Chris McCall from Fotokite won the CES Eureka Park Pitch Competition from IBM Global Entrepreneur.


We loved meeting innovators at every stage who are all working hard to get their invention off the ground. You can too, no matter what stage your idea is in.

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