February 20, 2017 · IGG

New payment options allow for easier contributions


We’re excited to announce that we’re introducing new payments options for the Indiegogo platform, making it easier for backers to give you the support you need. We’ve partnered with credit card vendor Stripe since 2015 for campaigns raising funds in USD. In early 2017, we began rolling out Stripe payments to additional customers raising funds in other currencies, starting with those using Euro.

Indiegogo backers have a high degree of comfort with making purchases and contributions through credit card. This trend falls in line with what what is happening across the industry.  Today, credit cards are the most common method that backers use to support projects. That’s why we’ve expanded our partnership with Stripe to make it easier for campaigns to get contributions from backers.

We want to address some of your frequently asked questions about this new option:

What benefits does Stripe have for campaigners?

  1. Partnership – Stripe works with Indiegogo and campaign owners to provide support across a campaign’s lifecycle: From helping you initially setup an account and start processing transactions, to identity verification, tax reporting, and receiving your funds, we’ll work together for a smooth campaign payment process.
  2. Troubleshooting –  Stripe has a transparent platform that provides insights into several areas, such as better troubleshooting tools into why charges to your campaign may have failed. Stripe provides clear reasons into why a charge didn’t successfully process, which means we’ll be able to investigate with your potential backers faster, and help them successfully support your campaign.

Will this change affect my perks, orders, or contributions?

There are no changes to how your perks, orders, or contributions will work. Your campaign should function in the same manner as before, just with potentially new available payment options to your backers!

What is the timing of this change?

Campaigns raising funds in USD have been using Stripe since 2015. We enabled Stripe for campaigns raising funds in the Euro currency on February 14, 2017.  In spring 2017, we’ll enable Stripe for campaigns raising funds in CAD and GBP and AUD. Soon, all currencies that are supported by Indiegogo will use Stripe in order to process contributions and disburse funds.

How will this affect my disbursements ?

When you first create your campaign, you’ll provide certain pieces of information: Currency, bank account country, country of residence, legal name, date of birth, and, if applicable, business information. Once you’ve started raising funds, you’ll return to your Secure Bank Form on the funding tab to complete your bank and identity information. Other than ensuring that you’ve completed the bank form with correct information, you’ll continue to get disbursements as you always have. If your campaign is eligible for payouts through Stripe, your bank statement will show funds coming from Stripe, not Indiegogo. You can read more about the disbursement process and timeline in our Help Center.

Will this change impact refunds or chargebacks that happen on my campaign?

There are no changes to refunds or chargebacks that occur on various pledges.  They will continue to function as they always have. Check out our refund policy and chargeback policy for more information.

If I have a problem with my perks, orders, or funds, who should I contact – Indiegogo or Stripe?

If you encounter any issue with your campaign, please contact Indiegogo’s Customer Happiness Team at indiegogo.com/contact. We’d be happy to help you! We’ll work with you, our internal teams, and external partners to resolve any outstanding issues on your campaign.

Does Indiegogo have plans to support more than just credit cards?

We know that in addition to credit cards, contributors use a variety of methods to make online transactions. In 2017 and 2018, we’ll be adding in support for alternative payment methods beyond credit cards.

Which countries and currencies are supported by Indiegogo and Stripe?

You can also read more about selecting your currency and country in our new Help Center article.

What if I live in a country that’s not supported by Stripe?

Indiegogo supports a larger list of countries than those that are listed above. We disburse funds to more than 200 regions. For campaign owners running campaigns in countries outside of what’s listed above, they can continue to raise funds in USD. Funds disbursed to countries outside of Stripe’s supported location are disbursed via international wire transactions. We recommend talking with your bank about receiving funds from the United States to make sure you have your bank information setup correctly.

In addition, Stripe will continue to expand their services in other countries and will be adding more countries in the future. 

Questions? Please reach out to our Customer Happiness team.