March 10, 2017 · IGG

New Project Categories Will Help You Find What You Love


Have you ever been looking for headphones or camera gear and found yourself lost in phone accessories? Are you searching for the latest board game only to be stuck perusing the never ending video games?

We’ve heard from you that browsing through thousands of campaigns that aren’t relevant to your interests can be frustrating and time consuming. We are excited to announce that we recently introduced new project categories that will make it easier and faster for you to find the projects you love. Whether you’re an early adopter of the latest tech product, a film buff or a tabletop game enthusiast, or want to find local businesses to support, our new categories will make it easier for you to find the right project for you.

Our new set of categories is broken into three overarching concepts: Tech & Innovation, Creative Works and Community Projects. Tech & Innovation is for the early adopters, product hunters and everyone looking for the next gadget. We’ve broken down the huge world of tech into more specific categories to help you browse the products that interest you most. For example, the Energy & Green Tech category includes projects like Solar Roadways and Flow Hive – innovative ideas that are all about energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. If you’re into home brewing or kitchen gadgets, you can find campaigns like the Opal Nugget Ice Maker and Fizzics in the Food & Beverages category. Discover the latest electric vehicles, from scooters to bikes to cars, in the Transportation category. Our new categories are designed to help you find the innovative products you’re looking for in Tech & Innovation.

Browse through the newest podcasts, latest video games or funky art collections with the Creative Works category. We separated Films like Super Troopers 2 from Web Series like Con Man so you can support projects on the big or small screens. Now you can find Dice Throne under Tabletop Games and Indivisible under Video Games – because these gaming communities are passionate but different. Discover everything from beautiful paintings to ceramics and woodshop in the Art category. The Creative Works category is designed to help guide your creativity and passion so you can support anyone from hobbyists to full blown artists.

Whether you want to support a local business or save the frogs from extinction, Community Projects are all about helping others. Because the idea of ‘Community’ is such a large and vague one, we broke it down to help you track down the causes you care about. For example, the ‘Environment’ category has projects like Drop a Brick Through Shocktop and TreeSisters: Igniting a Reforestation Revolution – exciting movements combatting climate change from around the world! If you want to check out what’s going on in your neighborhood or just like the idea of small business, the Local Business Category has projects like the BYOB: Bring Your Own Bookstore… to the Bronx! and the GROW in.gredients, Austin’s first zero-waste grocery store. No matter what category you’re in, when you’re in Community Projects, you’ll always find groups of people coming together to make a difference.

Check out our newest categories here and find what project you love today!