March 2, 2017 · IGG

Announcing New Project Categories to Make Discovery Easier


Today we are thrilled to announce that we are updating project categories on Indiegogo. In the past 9+ years, we’ve grown from helping independent filmmakers bring their ideas to the silver screen to helping entrepreneurs of all kinds move their ideas quickly from concept to market. As our platform grew to attract campaigners of all passions, we expanded to accommodate a variety of crowdfunding campaigns, from creative to cause to entrepreneurial.

We’ve heard from campaigners that it can be difficult to find their campaigns on our site, and backers have expressed that they want to be able to find more projects they’re interested in. That’s why we decided to revise our categories—to make discovery easier for both campaigners and backers.

Over the past few months, we’ve been actively reviewing the campaigns on Indiegogo to see what the common trends were. We saw a huge range in entrepreneurial ideas, from e-bikes to wearables, video games to tabletop games, local businesses to human rights campaigns—all of which made it clear to us that our existing structure was no longer relevant. As our community of passionate entrepreneurs grows, so does the spectrum of projects. No longer does everything simply fit under “Technology” or “Community.” We want to make sure that every single entrepreneur feels that his or her project is accurately represented on Indiegogo.

Improving project categorization has been no simple task. After brainstorming a variety of different directions, we tested new ideas, collected feedback from thousands of entrepreneurs and backers and tested again. Based on this feedback, we worked through more than a dozen iterations to get to where we are today.

Old categories on Indiegogo

Beyond ensuring the categories are representative of our entrepreneurs’ ideas, our goal is to connect our avid backer community to the campaigns that interest them most. We’ve heard directly from backers that browsing thousands of Gaming campaigns when you’re only interested in card games, or hunting through a variety of Food campaigns when what you’re really looking for are local restaurants to support, is a challenging and time-consuming process. That’s why we restructured our categories the way that we did. We want your campaigns to be easily found by interested backers.

These new categories will improve campaign discoverability on the Indiegogo website as well as across all channels. We’ll be able to make better recommendations for our backers, and in turn, provide higher, more qualified visibility and potential traffic for campaigners.

Camera Gear
Energy & Green Tech
Fashion & Wearables
Food & Beverages
Health & Fitness
Phones & Accessories
Travel & Outdoors
Other Innovative Products
Dance & Theater
Podcasts, Blogs & Vlogs
Tabletop Games
Video Games
Web Series & TV Shows
Writing & Publishing
Other Creations
Animal Rights
Human Rights
Local Businesses
Other Community Projects

If you’re a campaigner, you can see your campaign’s new category under the ‘Basics’ tab in the campaign editor. As always, you can update the category from this tab.

Come check out our new categories, and let us know what you think!