April 14, 2017 · IGG

Live Webinar with PlayDate, $100,000 Arrow Flash Funding winner


From component delays to inaccurate spec sheets, manufacturing is a very unpredictable process. How to conquer all the manufacturing roadblocks? Ask hardware entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done it all and won $100,000 in Arrow flash funding.

Indiegogo is excited to have PlayDate, our previous Arrow flash funding winner who won $100,000, to share his experiences of winning Arrow flash funding and how he conquered the manufacturing process.

You can now watch the recorded webinar:

This live webinar will give you the chance to learn from Kevin Li, CEO and Co-Founder of PlayDate and Arrow flash funding winner.

Kevin will share his insights on how to conquer the production process, including:

  • What to avoid delays in manufacturing
  • What it’s like to work with Arrow engineers and the true benefits of flash funding
  • How to set success in manufacturing and crowdfunding

Tom Shaar, Senior Director of Global Engineering at Arrow Electronics, will add to the conversation with tips on how to get yourself — and your hardware design — ready for manufacturing. He’ll stick around for a Q&A session, answering questions about the process and the Arrow Certification program.

In manufacturing, even the smallest changes can create some pretty big headaches. Start preparing now watching the recorded webinar on how PlayDate conquered the manufacturing process.

Interested in getting access to flash funding like PlayDate? Join the Arrow Certification here to get started.