June 14, 2018 · IGG

Target Fetch – Your Household Essentials Delivered Automatically!


When you think about what needs to get done today, do you ask yourself:

How many paper towels are left in the cupboard?
I’ve got some toilet paper under the bathroom sink…right?
Was the hand soap half-full or empty this morning?

If you’re like most of us, those are questions you don’t ask until it’s too late and you’re drying your hands on your pants. Thankfully, the team over at Target has created Target Fetch. Target Fetch is a connected smart home device system (a toilet paper spindle, paper towel holder, and soap pump) and convenient subscription service designed to automatically reorder select household essentials.

Each of these products use predictive algorithms to anticipate your usage habits so you’ll never run out of toilet paper, soap, or paper towels. There are no buttons to press, no reminders to set, no to-do list to check off – just automatic delivery of your essential items from Target. As compared to other auto-replenishment services which utilize physical order buttons or new appliances with built in integrations – Target Fetch is different as it puts the auto-replenishment technology in items that you already use and doesn’t require you to buy new large ticket appliances to experience the benefits.

Target understands that you’re busy and have better things to do with your spare time – you’d rather make breakfast on a Sunday morning with your family, take a hike with friends, enjoy a relaxing bubble bath, or build a fort in your living room with your kids. Your free time is precious, and Target recognizes that and wants you to spend more time doing what you love while Target Fetch handles the rest. The Target Fetch app lets you manage all of your replenishment settings in one place, so you can order extra supplies or slow things down if you’re going to be on vacation.

Want your free time back? Want to ensure that you’re never left staring at the last empty cardboard roll again? You can try the new Target Fetch technology first at an exclusive discount for a very limited time only on Indiegogo! Pre-order today and save 18% on Target Fetch.