It’s rainin’ e-bikes! Maybe it’s the crisp late-autumn air, or maybe it’s just a desire to exercise safely in the great outdoors, but whatever it is, November 2020 will surely go down as e-bike month here at Indiegogo. A whopping 3 of our top 5 campaigns go to pedal-assist bicycles, each with its particular benefits. And how are you going to power those pedals? Electricity and caffeine of course, and campaigns around each of these aptly round out our top 5. 

Here are our top 5 campaigns for November.

1. Reevo E-Bike

  • $2,253,424 USD raised
  • 1,248 backers
  • Delaware, USA

Our number 1 campaign this month tops the podium for a second month in a row. Reevo, a bicycle that would fit in in a sci-fi movie, is making its way onto a street near much sooner than its futuristic design would suggest. They’ve cracked the code on spokeless, hubless wheels and are attaching them to a lightweight e-bike frame so you can turn heads while you turn the cranks. The groundbreaking design also affords riders with extra storage space IN THE CENTER of the wheel rim. So why travel like the Flintstones in 2021 with a normal bike? Go full Jetsons with Reevo.

2. Niche Zero Coffee Grinder

  • $11,783,891 USD raised
  • 16,609 backers
  • Hampshire, UK

Another familiar face comes in at number 2. The best part of waking up in November was backing the Niche Zero coffee grinder, hailed as “a game changer in coffee grinding.” The Niche Zero coffee grinder aims at making barista-quality coffee available within any home kitchen through a design that gives coffee connoisseurs the freshest grind every time.

What makes it so special? The Niche team outfitted the Zero with large industrial-grade burrs (the machine part that does the grinding) with twice the grind area of standard burrs, delivering outstanding quality all while leaving the grind unburnt and tasting great.

3. Biktrix Juggernaut E-bike

  • $1,001,469 USD raised
  • 497 backers
  • Saskatoon, Canada

Our second e-bike pedals in at number 3 this month. This time it’s the Biktrix Juggernaut, a pedal-assist bicycle that will take you farther and faster than almost any other production e-bike out there. With a top speed of 35 mph and a max range of up to 200 miles, the Juggernaut can take you from New York to the Washington DC suburbs in a single day, all on a single charge. And the truly monstrous clearance for 26”x4.8” tires will keep you comfortable over pretty much any terrain you can throw at it, including sand, gravel, or mountain bike trails. Is there anything the Juggernaut can’t do?

4. ElecHive Portable Power Station

  • $875,259 USD raised
  • 686 backers
  • San Diego, CA

Did you know that purchasing a gas generator can set you back up to $1,000? And of course the investment doesn’t end there. Once you buy one, you have to stock up on gas, keep oil on hand, and pay costly maintenance fees to keep the darn thing running. Electric power stations are changing all of this, and the ElecHive 2200 is leading the charge. Thanks to its advanced battery pack technology, the ElecHive 2200 has reached the ultimate energy density for a product of its kind. Its powerful battery can provide a massive 2,200W of power output, just like a standard wall socket, and it packs a mind-bending 2,400Wh, which means all your devices will stay powered pretty much as long as you need them. And all this heavy-duty power tips the scales at only 34 pounds and is as small as a basketball. Score!

5. Rocket E-bike

  • $1,235,939 USD raised
  • 874 backers
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland

Our number 5 campaign this month is yet another e-bike! But in case you’re thinking this is just like the others, nay, it’s a Rocket E-bike, the world’s first e-bike with 100-mile range, regenerative braking, all-terrain tires, and a compact and foldable frame. The Rocket’s innovative design allows you to recapture the speed you scrub while braking, putting some of the power back into the battery to extend your riding time. The Rocket also easily folds down in seconds for efficient storing in your car, office, garage, or closet. If you ask us, this rocket is about to take off.


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Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 11/30/20.