December 14, 2020 · IGG

Now in Japan: The Indiegogo Global Fast Track Program


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our Japan Global Fast Track Program to help Japanese entrepreneurs reach global audiences. 

Starting today, entrepreneurs in Japan will have access to the extensive network of resources in the Global Fast Track Program, an initiative designed to help the world’s top innovators build international brands faster. 

Brands often face headwinds when expanding into the global market, whether it’s a language barrier, shifting consumer needs, or cultural differences. The Global Fast Track Program helps businesses combat these barriers with personalized support and expert guidance through the global expansion process. This benefits entrepreneurs by broadening the markets they can enter, as well as the Indiegogo community by offering access to international products they normally wouldn’t have early access to. 

Since the launch of the Global Fast Track Program in 2016, more than 670 entrepreneurs have launched their products on the international stage, with 40 of these campaigns going on to raise $1 million or more. Many of Asia’s biggest brands have been behind these launches, introducing products, building communities, and getting feedback from backers in the global market. Now entrepreneurs in Japan can harness the power of the Global Fast Track Program in Japan and beyond.

Launching today: Raising funds in Japanese Yen

As part of this initiative, starting today we’ll now allow backers to fund campaigns using Japanese yen (JPY), and entrepreneurs can also opt to receive their funding in yen when their campaign ends, giving entrepreneurs an additional currency choice for receiving payment. This will provide entrepreneurs in Japan a seamless way to raise and receive funds for their crowdfunding campaigns from backers around the world.

We’ll also be partnering with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to give entrepreneurs in Japan additional support for launching successful crowdfunding campaigns. Alongside Indiegogo, JETRO will help crowdfunders in Japan enter the market and educate entrepreneurs with best practices for reaching a global audience.

“We are very excited to announce JETRO’s partnership with Indiegogo,” says Noriya Tarutani, Executive Director of JETRO San Francisco. “Thanks to more than 40% annual growth of crowdfunding in Japan in recent years, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries from Japanese startups about how they can leverage crowdfunding as a way to bring their amazing products to the global market. We are confident that our collaboration will be mutually beneficial to Indiegogo as they enter Japan, as well as Japanese startups expanding overseas.”

“Made in Japan,” a new Indiegogo community

To celebrate our expansion into Japan, we’ll also be showcasing Japanese campaigns in a special collection called “Made in Japan.” Members of the Indiegogo community from all over the world will be able to explore Japanese crowdfunding campaigns and learn more about Japanese brands. 

This builds on a strong foundation of Japanese companies that have used Indiegogo to raise funds, expand into the North American and European markets, and build relationships with overseas customers.

A new chapter for Indiegogo

Since our platform launched in 2008, Indiegogo has helped over 900,000 entrepreneurs successfully raise funds directly from customers, totaling $2 billion in funds that have gone directly to businesses. The expansion of the Global Fast Track Program into Japan represents a new chapter for Indiegogo, and a continuation of Indiegogo’s commitment to expanding into new international markets. 

Interested in learning more? We’ve assembled these resources with more information about the Global Fast Track Program in Japan:

Webinar: Breaking Into the Global Market with Crowdfunding

Roundtable discussion: Indiegogo entrepreneurs in Japan discuss their experiences.







JETROサンフランシスコのエグゼクティブディレクターの樽谷範哉氏は、「JETROとIndiegogoの共同企画を発表できる事を大変嬉しく思っております。近年、日本におけるクラウドファンディング の40%以上の年間成長率のおかげで、日本のスタートアップからもクラウドファンディング や海外市場についての問い合わせが増えております。IndiegogoとJETROのパートナーシップは、日本展開するIndiegogo、そして海外展開したい日本のスタートアップにも相互に有益であると思っています」と話して下さっています。

新しいIndiegogoコミュニティ「Made in Japan」

日本への展開を記念したキャンペーンコレクション「Made in Japan」を公開し、これまでの日本からのキャンペーンを紹介しています。日本発のプロダクトに興味のある、多くのIndiegogoのユーザの目に触れることでしょう。
この「Made in Japan」にあるキャンペーンは、Indiegogoのプラットフォーム上で資金調達し、北米・ヨーロッパ市場に展開し、海外の消費者と関係を構築してきた日本の会社・企業の方々の強力な基盤があって成り立っています。


「ジャパン・ファストトラック・プログラム」について詳しく知りたい場合は、是非以下のリンクをチェックしてみてください: Webinar – Breaking Into the Global Market with Crowdfunding; Roundtable discussion – Japanese Indiegogo entrepreneurs discuss their experiences.