January 2021 was one of the hottest Januarys on record, literally and figuratively, so it’s no surprise that our latest batch of top campaigns is cooked and ready to chew on a few days early. Our top earners for January reflect a world back on lockdown and raring for this wild ride to be over: a compact gaming console takes the top spot; a unique camera lens gives photography enthusiasts something to focus on; and a pandemic-friendly pair of glasses block the glare while helping to block the virus.

Here are Indiegogo’s top campaigns for January 2021:

1. GPD WIN3 Gaming Console

  • $2,362,893 USD raised
  • 2,535 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

What do you get when you pack gaming laptop firepower into a handheld gaming console? The GPD WIN3, of course, and its “candy bar” design has produced some stellar results on Indiegogo in January.

The GPD WIN3 is the latest development in GPD’s successful line of handheld gaming consoles, known for its top-level processors, ergonomic gamepads, and lightning-fast performance. 

Gaming’s not your thing? Just plug the GPD WIN3 into a standard monitor, run PowerPoint, Excel, or Chrome, and get to work. This handful of computing power packs quite the punch. 

GPD’s latest iteration, the WIN3, has raised over $2 million in the last few weeks and shows no signs of slowing down.

2. SIRUI 24mm Anamorphic Lens

  • $1,601,7673 USD raised
  • 1,847 backers
  • Verona, New Jersey

A typical anamorphic lens costs several thousand dollars, and some even reach into five-figure territory. SIRUI is changing that with the market’s first compact, affordable 24mm anamorphic lens. 

For those unfamiliar with anamorphic lenses, these unique pieces of equipment provide wide, cinematic shots and dramatic lens flares by squeezing the image by 1.33x then unsqueezing it during post-production. SIRUI already revolutionized the market with their 50mm and 35mm anamorphic lenses in 2020, and SIRUI’s new 24mm anamorphic lens packs similar specs into an even more compact unit. 

The SIRUI 24mm lens has already raised $1.6 million, and it’s poised to truly transform the anamorphic photography and cinematography game.

3. ElecHive Portable & Universal Super Power Station

  • $2,349,223 USD raised
  • 2,077 backers
  • San Diego, California

Gas generators are expensive, loud, and bad for the environment. Electric power stations, on the other hand, not so much. The ElecHive Portable Power Station is leading the charge in the electric power station world, and thanks to its patented Pure Sine Wave technology, the ElecHive puts out 2,200W of continuous power — enough to power a mitre saw for 2 hours, an A/C unit for 12 hours, or a Dometic fridge for up to 2 weeks. The best part? All this heavy-duty power packs into a box slightly larger than a basketball. With those kinds of specs, we think it’s a slam dunk.

4. BeYou Chair

  • $2,389,298 USD raised
  • 6,462 backers
  • New Castle, Delaware

The pandemic, perhaps more than anything, has meant a whole lot of sitting around. But what if you found out you were doing it wrong? 

Your posture in a conventional chair is severely restricted, typically limited to a slight change in height and maybe some swivel action. The team at BeYou, however, have designed a chair that makes it easy to let your body, not the chair, determine how you sit, so you can finally relax comfortably in nearly any position.

With the BeYou, all you have to do is listen to your body. Simply adjust and in only a few seconds, the possibilities are endless. Sit as you would in a normal chair, rotate the back to create laptop rest, or even fold the wings to create a de facto chaise lounge for a quick nap.

With BeYou, you can enjoy the benefits of movement even when you’re sitting. 

5. Stoggles Eyewear

  • $2,789,387 USD raised
  • 56,595 backers
  • Los Angeles, California

We spend so much energy worrying about our masks, but what about our eyes? True, most infections spread via the nose and mouth, but the eye can also act as a back door to bacterial and viral infections, especially when you’re in the habit of touching your face.

Stoggles offer similar eye protection to full goggles but with style. They’re a new kind of eyewear designed to protect your eyes from dirty fingers and airborne droplets. Boasting a protective blue light filter for long days in front of the computer and an anti-fog coating for compatibility with masks, Stoggles are easy to wear wherever you go. They’re also Rx-friendly, so you can put your corrective lenses in the frames if your vision isn’t quite 20/20.

The Stoggles campaign has raised nearly $3 million, so keep your eyes peeled for this one-of-a-kind campaign!


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Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 01/29/21.