February 19, 2021 · IGG, In The News

Introducing the Indiegogo Review: A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief


A crowdfunding campaign works best when it tells a compelling story, and we want to give those stories a bigger platform than ever before. 

Today we officially relaunch our blog under a new name, The Indiegogo Review. 

There are a lot of incredible stories to tell about crowdfunding. Whether it’s an entrepreneur dreaming of opening a community center in her Parisian neighborhood, a pair of friends trying to reduce plastic waste in the ocean, or a designer with new ideas about how eBikes should look, people use crowdfunding to change the world. 

Stories are what draws us to crowdfunding in the first place. It isn’t the promise of a cool new product: After all, crowdfunding is not shopping. It is a chance to gain more visibility into the people behind the projects that shape our communities. And it’s an opportunity to donate to campaigns that will bring innovative, game-changing ideas to life. 

While we’ve chosen today to relaunch, the truth is that we’ve been slowly changing our focus for some time. Over the last year, we’ve transformed our blog into a place where a more diverse set of stories get told about who creates crowdfunding campaigns and why. This blog is a platform for campaigners to show us a day in their lives, answer questions about their launches, and talk about their visions for the future. 

And to give these stories more exposure, we’re also relaunching our Twitter so that it will exclusively become a space for content. 

On The Indiegogo Review and on our Twitter feed, you’ll get a look behind the scenes on some of our most interesting and innovative crowdfunding campaigns, from a diverse range of creators and entrepreneurs. You’ll also learn tips and tricks directly from the experts who crowdfund on Indiegogo on a wide range of topics. 

Crowdfunding represents the power of regular folks like you and me to build something bigger than ourselves. We’re excited to tell the stories of what happens when enough people come together to put innovative solutions and fresh ideas out into the world. Check back here regularly and follow us on Twitter to get inspired about the power of crowdfunding.

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