The pandemic keeps marching on (or March keeps pandemic-ing on?), but that hasn’t kept a new class of campaigns from marching into our monthly Top Five list. A birdfeeder with facial recognition takes the top step of the podium, while a nano-gaming device, a tripod-avec-backpack, a Trekky-friendly documentary, and a wireless car connector round out the list.

Here are our top campaigns for March 2021. 

1. Bird Buddy: Smart Bird Feeder

  • $6,473,925 USD total raised
  • 28,221 backers
  • ($5,092,995 USD by 22,921 backers on another platform)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a bird. But what kind?

Stop second-guessing your bird identifying skills with Bird Buddy, our top campaign this month. Bird Buddy is the world’s first bird feeder with built-in AI recognition technology so you can identify all your feathered visitors now matter how rare they are. 

How does it work? Bird Buddy notifies you whenever birds stop by, takes their photos, and organizes them in a beautiful collection you can easily share. And unlike your, um, more folksy approach to birding, Bird Buddy always knows who’s in front of the lens. Bird Buddy recognizes over a thousand bird species, even that rare one you’ve always wondered about. So rejuvenate the birding tradition with Bird Buddy and get notifications that actually make you feel better about your day. It’ll have you flying.

2. AYA-NEO Handheld Gaming Device

  • $2,167,143 USD raised
  • 2,386 backers
  • Shenzhen, China

A wise man once said, “he who holds a 7nm AMD Ryzen APU AAA-capable gaming device in his hands, holds the universe between his palms.” Now you can be a part of the journey to bringing this ancient aphorism to life.

AYA-NEO is the world’s first 7nm handheld gaming device, and it’s quite the powerhouse at that. Equipped with a 7-inch screen, a cutting edge Ryzen 5 4500U processor, and a six-core processor with 4.0Ghz max turbo frequency, it blows all other handheld gaming consoles out of the water. 

AYA-NEO handles demanding games with ease. With 50% more cores than previous generation and competition, the hexa-core design also ensures great multitasking performance. 16 GB of LPDDR4x 4266 RAM, and up to 1TB NVME SSD, means AYA NEO will provide you with a smooth gaming experience AND fast loading times. The universe is quite the thing to hold, so tread lightly with this amount of power in your hands.

3. AAWireless: Android Auto Connector

  • $1,897,254 USD
  • 23,261 backers
  • Groningen, Netherlands

Do you have an Android Auto compatible car or multimedia unit? Would you like to connect wirelessly without the use of cables? Don’t want to spend a fortune on upgrading your multimedia unit or the whole car? Is that even possible? Is your phone running Android 9 or higher? Have any more questions? Still with us?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re a top candidate for the AAWireless Android auto connector. AAWireless is a simple plug-and-play device that allows your Android-compatible units to use a WiFi connection instead of connecting via a USB cable. Simply connect the AAWireless box to your car’s USB port and forget about it.

So one final question for you: sick of wires? Then it may be time to get with AAWireless.

4. The Star Trek Voyager Documentary

  • $1,277,795 USD raised
  • 11,963 backers
  • Los Angeles, United States

If you’ve ever dreamt of kicking it in Delta Quadrant with some Ferengi over a few Romulan ales, STOP. The Ferengi are not to be trusted, the Delta Quadrant is inhospitable at best, and Romulan ale? Come on now, do you want to be put away in a Starfleet brig? Trade embargoes are real and to be respected. This is a Federation ship.

If any of this made sense to you, our number 4 campaign has something to meld your mind with. The production team of The Deep Space 9 Documentary and For the Love of Spock are now bringing their next generation of Star Trek documentaries to market. The Star Trek Voyager Documentary is upon us. 25 years after the series’ first airing, go behind the scenes on the USS Voyager and learn how it was made. 

Back this campaign and “make it so.” (Yeah, we know it’s the wrong generation, but can you fault us for loving JLP? We didn’t think so.)

5. Gitzo Légende Tripod and Backpack

  • $630,612 USD raised
  • 1,238 backers
  • Ramsey, United States

Creators rely on their gear to tell their stories. But they’re often held back by cheap equipment that breaks and requires expensive repair and replacement. Not only does this impact their ability to get the shot, but it contributes to a throwaway culture that devastates our environment.

With over 100 years of manufacturing excellence and craftsmanship, Gitzo set out to develop a new standard of products that are better for the photographer — and for the planet.

Meet Légende, travel photography gear designed to last. Made from premium eco-friendly materials and offering free spare parts and an unlimited warranty, Légende offers content creators peace of mind with high-quality gear they can depend on. 

And Gitzo has an offer in their back pocket. For every Légende claimed on Indiegogo, Gitzo will donate 5% to Wild Shots Outreach who provide education and scholarship programs for young people in the environmental conservation field.


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Rankings, amount raised, and other stats are current as of 04/01/21.