September 15, 2010 · IGG

Project Profiles: Back To School


A quick peek at some interesting school and education-related projects on IndieGoGo this week.

The bully project

The Bully Project

What it is: A feature documentary film that shows how we’ve
all been affected by bullying, whether we’ve been victims, perpetrators
or stood silent witness.

Why we love it: The epic trailer leaves you desperate to see the entire film.

Law books or groceries

Law Books or Groceries

What it is: Jacqueline Merkher’s campaign to help her off-set her law school tuition by $5,000.

Why we love it: Her clever title, honest, friendly ask, and perks: legal consulting? You can’t beat it.

Chajul students scholarship

Limitless Horizons Ixil

What it is: A Guatamalan NGO that helps provide scholarships, tutoring, and all-around access to educational opportunities to people in the Ixil region of Guatemala.

Why we love it: This area of Guatemala has immense challenges to education — the region has been at the heart of a 36-year civil war, fewer than 1% of the population graduates from high school and the adult illiteracy rate is 75%. But in the face of these odds, Limitless Horizons Ixil is currently providing scholarships for 76 students to attend middle and high school.

Infuse entrepreneurship

Infuse Entrepreneurship

What it is: A program that will bring entrepreneurship
opportunities to inner-city schools.

Why we love it: They didn’t teach entrepreneurship when we were in high school. What an awesome idea.