Eric/Founder & CTO
TECHNOLOGY –  XStylus Touch for the iPad
Great example of inventor and maker projects which are normally high in funding. These campaigns tend to go viral very quickly making it important amidst the early adopter crowd. 

Kate/Customer Happiness
MUSIC – Beat Jazz System
This guy has invented a new kind of handheld electronic musical instrument.  It's like Transformers meets the Matrix – and by funding his project, you can have your own!   

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD - Queen Lizzy's Fish & Chip Shop
This British small business owner is keen to open a fish & chip shop in his local town of Kansas.  Wonderful example of how IndieGoGo is global: not only his local community contribute but his family back home in the UK can get involved.

Erin/Business Development
Even people who reluctantly found out about were so moved by compassion that they're shining a spotlight to end abuse and neglect, replacing it with love.

Nic/Marketing Analyst
As someone with a background in circuits and who loves to listen to and produce music I can really appreciate this project.  Analog music makers are becoming more and more rare and expensive. Also, even with a bit of technological background, making your own is hard because parts are becoming less common. This project reflects how IndieGoGo can be successful in niche markets and how the resulting product (a music maker) can have very large appeal. 

Nicholas/Web Developer
The smartphone app craze typically has nothing to do with mindfulness, but this app might actually give people a way to achieve it. Let's hope it does for everyone's sake!