Indian Artisans

The continent of Asia consists of approximately 3.879 billion people hosting 60% of the worlds’ human population.  Considered the largest continent of the world’s seven some have referred to it as a ‘supercontinent’.  Holding the second largest GDP of all continents after Europe it’s most notable emerging economies include China, Japan, South Korea, India and Indonesia. 

We’ve uncovered five campaigns from across the continent who are currently funding on IndieGoGo:

Bones in the Dirt

Location: Cambodia
Story: A published journalist and avid traveler to the country, Lauren Quinn eventually moved to Phnom Penh eager to create a book-length collection of narrative essays about the children of Khmer Rouge survivors.

Save The Indian Artisans

Location: Korea
Story: Disappointed by the destruction of micro-cultures across Asia, Dustin Jordan decided to create an online marketplace featuring Indian handicrafts that also supports local artisans.

One Week on The Himalayan Peak

Location: Nepal
Story:  With a goal to raise money for children’s education in rural communities of Nepal, Liz Wamai has set out to complete a 10-day Himalayan trek.

48 Sundays to Run in Cebu

Location: Philippines
Story: Having just turned 30, Thaddeau Engaling II is determined to run a succession of races in his hometown to inspire others to improve their health. 

Wisdom Beyond Borders

Location: Thailand
Story: Tulaya Pornpiriyakulchai wants to produce a website and mobile application for ‘Thai Folk Wisdom’, a collection of 50 inspiring proverbs geared towards modern Thai youth.