Danae/Founder & COO
Theme: Empowerment Through Sports

Eric/Founder & CTO
SPORTS – The Wrong Way Around
These guys are embarking on an independent fundraiser bike ride. They are recording the entirety of the ride with both handheld and helmet-mounted cameras and will turn that footage into a 45-min film. This campaign might not have the typical kind of perks listed, but if you watch the pitch video to the end, you'll find out that they are planning to do a number of "challenges" along the way, based on how much money they receive "The more we raise, the more stupid stuff we're going to do". I love this campaign for it's creativity and seriously independent nature!

Kat/Content & Community
PHOTOGRAPHY - The Color of Food
This story has been making waves in food circles.  A photography initiative, related to food injustice, highlighting the stories of indigenous, Asian and Black farmers. Especially pertinent as many have been affected by recession, recent troubles of Hurricane Irene and overall lack of government business support.  

Kate/Customer Happiness
HEALTH - Polar Vision 
My favorite campaign this week comes from two of my classmates who are preparing to trek across Antarctica. If they complete their journey, Alan will set a world record as the first visually impaired person to reach the South Pole.

Nic/Marketing Analyst
DESIGN – Ferofluid Keychains
This project is about popularizing a beautiful visualization of physics! It would result in a large sized ferro-fluid sculpture, a creative integration of science and art. Might inspire some of the worlds future game-changing scientists.