November 22, 2011 · IGG

Cyber Monday: Receive 50% Off Final Campaign Fees When You Launch Today November 28



IndieGoGo is marking the holiday season with a 50% discount for campaigners!  'Go Live' with your IndieGoGo campaign today Monday, November 28 before 11:59pm PST (USA)and receive 50% off campaign fees for the duration of your campaign.   This applies to all new campaigners (no Partner campaigns): whether you're due to pay the 4% or 9%, you will receive a 50% off your final fees.  

Slava Rubin, our CEO, thinks there’s no time than right now, ‘The holiday season is a great time to dream big’.  So many incredible ideas have used our platform to make their ideas happen from all industries including technology, philanthropy, arts, food, health, education and small business.  Before we adventure into 2012, consider the projects and passions you are most excited to achieve in the coming year.  Use this next week to explore, plan and execute your campaign! Instead of asking for a new pair of shoes or a coffeemaker, promote your IndieGoGo campaign to your friends and family this season and be one step closer to doing something great!

A few tips to get your campaign launched:

1) Have a good pitch (personal video, attractive perks, specific goal, transparent use of funds, finite deadline!)

2) Be Proactive (send updates and share on social media!)

3) Find an Audience That Cares (take a look at our case studies featuring stories of successful campaigns)

Most importantly, keep up your GoGoFactor

Two key points regarding the deadline: 

1) If you're not ready to post a video, post an image in time to launch then later replace it

2) You can change or edit a perk as long as it hasn’t been redeemed.

Any questions or need additional advice on planning your campaign, you can email our Customer Happiness team on and mention Cyber Sunday in the subject line.