November 21, 2011 · Behind The Scenes

IndieGoGo Ideas Lab: Taking the Time In Each Day



The word ‘busy’ can become a buzzword in the lives of everyday folks.   With so much of our daily routines taking over the hours in the day we can become prey to a subtle form of procrastination, it’s not intentional but it naturally occurs.  Bassam Tarazi has analyzed an average 24 hour period to uncover exactly how much extra time in the day we actually have to devote to the projects we want to see happen. 

His conclusion: ‘There’s time if we want there to be time. There is never as much as we want, I can assure you that, but there is enough for us to grasp.  We have to believe we can do something.  We have to want to do something and we have to use the time available to get there. While we can’t stop time like Neo from The Matrix , we can’t always blame the clock either.’

ART – Manifesto Jamaica
Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Story: A group of arts-focused, youth-led folks started a non-profit movement with the hopes to elevate culture occurring that was going unnoticed.  With a mission to educate, expose and empower initiatives including workshops, healing activities, seminars and stage productions, the collective hope to launch a 3-day to showcase their work from the year.

COMMUNITY – Art of Hosting Social Transformation
Location: Cairo, Egypt

Story: With the revolution came an explosion of new ideas for the country’s vibrant youth, all hungry to promote change.   The first Art of Hosting workshop brough together 30 active people leading a multitude of social transformation initiatives.  The collective aim to progress this first phase by energizing their initial efforts and growing more.

FASHION – Hawaii’s First Fashion Incubator
Location: Hawaii, USA

Story:  This Fractured Atlas project, this non-profit has been supporting the growth and exposure of local fashion designers through events, membership and a pop-up fashion boutique. Now they want to create a physical incubator space with retail space, studio for classes, a library, photography studio and more. 

MUSIC – Side Effect
Location: Myanmar

Story: Burma is not the usual place where punk rock bands launch then tour the world but Side Effect, a 3 person team of musicians are determined to take their original music all around South East Asia and beyond.

SMALL BUSINESS – Everyone is Gay
Location: New York, USA

Story:  A pair of dedicated visionaries have quit their day jobs to focus on developing an advice website for the LGBTQ youth community, including increasing awarenss efforts at high school campuses by launching a nationwide tour.