Danae/Founder & COO
 THEATRE – Help Keep Our Work Alive: Get Girl Power!

Change starts with the confidence that change is possible.  Project Girl gives young girls the opportunity to develop that confidence.  Love it!

Erica/Marketing Director
HEALTH – Ben's Friends

The first time I heard about Ben's story was through a mutual friend in Chicago. Now, a few years later, it is inspiring to see how healthy Ben has become and the tremendous work he and his colleagues have done helping others with rare diseases. 

Erin/Business Development 
COMMUNITY – Rwanda Youth Music
This campaign showcases an event which is using music to communicate about HIV and AIDS, aiming to replace fear and depression with hope and understanding. 

Kat/Content & Community
FOOD – Growing Healthy Kids

This program is geared towards low-income children and their families, providing nutrition education and experience in gardening, cooking and fitness.  They want to provide a free cookbook to 2600 needy families and encourage healthy living.

THEATRE – Weird Beard

This glow in the dark puppet show in Canada are helping to raise awareness of Down Syndrome!

Sandy/Customer Happiness Advocate
FILM – East of Kensington
I am a sucker for remakes of classic stories.  This student film looks amazing!

Slava/Founder & CEO
FILM – A 2B Entertainment Production
It's like Glee but so much better.

Will/UX Designer
FILM – Mr. Viral
Direct quote from the video: “It’s like the T.V. show Mad Men had sex with the movie Fight Club.” Plus, for $50, they will subliminally place you in the movie. ’nuff said.

Yan/Director of Product
ART – Art of Magic

I'm a big fan of magic and excited to see these brothers from Estonia pursuing their dream.