June 14, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

5 Community Campaigns: The Biggest Yoga Studio in the World & A 24 Hour Camp Trip for Charity


Community can mean different things to different people, but no one can deny that we all know it means one thing: bringing people together.  From a yoga event that aims to gather tens of thousands of people, to the production of a transgender parade, and the expansion of a small business, these 5 campaigns all endeavor to maintain a focus on the power of the individual and the energy they create together.

Location: New York, USA

With a mission to turn Central Park into the biggest yoga studio for one day only, Flavorpill and Matter Unlimited have joined forces to return for a second year’s attempt at what could be an annual celebration. With the likes of celebrity DJ Questlove providing the tunes, comedian Reggie Watts hosting and awesome perks by Gaiam, you’ll want to do the Warrior pose all day long.




Trans March 2012
Location: San Francisco, USA

It’s almost Pride weekend in San Francsico! The Trans March is considered one of the largest in the world but each year they still require funds to keep the march robust and visible. This year’s theme is “Trans Generations: Define Your Moment” and they need $14,000 to support the costs of paying for permits, the stage and sound rental, you name it.




Broke Spoke Renovation II
Location: Kentucky, USA

A community bike shop with an ambition to empower cyclists to perform their own bicycle maintenance wants to renovate their existing space and get their business to the next stage!





Ben Steven Israel
Location: New York, USA
A seasoned actor on the New York scene and an avid traveler with his craft, Ben Steven Israel received acclaimed reviews from the LA Weekly, appeared as a commentator on NPR and had given his time and energy to countless community events for social justice.  Since passing his loved ones, especially his wife, want to honor this special Downtown figure, friend and loving husband.




Craig Camps for Charity!
Location: Chicago, USA

Craig wants to raise $10K for Habitats for Humanity and plans to camp out for 24 hours whilst providing a live show of headstands and skits all for webview online. What a joker.





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