July 14, 2012 · IGG, Success Stories

Campaigner Interview: Eytan Elterman (2.5% Documentary)


After meeting some of our team at an Indiegogo meetup in San Francisco, we invited Eytan Elterman in to tell us a little bit more about his crowdfunding strategies and share his insights with other campaigners.

Eytan, a campaign owner and co-founder of iSeeiTravel, is raising funds for a documentary called, 2.5%. The project focuses on ecotourism efforts in Costa Rica as well as the negative effects of unregulated mass tourism on the biodiversity of the region. If they reach their funding goal, they are throwing a benefit concert to raise awareness for their cause and their film.

Don’t have time for a video? Well…

Key Points for Campaigners from a Campaigner:

  • Eytan’s campaign is cause-related. Indiegogo provided a more open platform to make it come to life.
  • Reaching out to like-minded organizations can draw some larger contributions.
  • Transparency is important for contributors.
  • Eytan and his team took their time before launching their campaign, giving them time to plan and identify like-minded organizations for campaign partnerships.
  • They found partners for their perks → Cross-marketing opportunities
  • Going viral → Eytan and his team are planning events and videos to reach a wider and more mainstream audience.
  • Still, the people that Eytan and his team know have been the biggest impetus for contributions and word of mouth marketing.

Have tips of your own that you’d like to share with fellow campaigners? Post a link to your campaign in the comments of this post, and we’ll get in touch with you!