When considering how to price your perks remember: lower value perks attract more total contributions, while higher value perks raise a higher percentage of total funds. Though each campaign is different, we recommend offering strong perks priced at $25, $50, $100, $500, and $1000.

We found the $25 perk is the single most claimed perk, representing nearly 25% of all perks that are selected. While the $25 dollar perk is only responsible for raising 11% of total funds, the increased activity you can generate from new contributors will help bring more exposure to your campaign and boost your gogofactor. This is critical to campaign success!

Most Popular Perks

At the same time, we found that perks with higher values may represent a larger percentage of your total funds. $100 perks raise more money than any other perk price and make up nearly 30% of total funds. A $100 perk combined with the next three perk price points: $50, $500, and $1000 makes up about 70% of total money raised by perks on Indiegogo. Offering awesome perks at these price points can go a long way in helping you reach and exceed your goal!

Most Valuable Perks

The sci-fi video series Chronicles of Syntax has used strategic perk pricing to its advantage. As of July 16th, the campaign is more than 70% of its way to its goal of $20,000. Some of its perks include a digital download and a signed poster for $25, a signed dvd box set a signed copy of the 1st season’s script, and a limited edition t-shirt for $100. $500 gets you an actual weapon prop, associate producer credits, and a personal invite to their London premier.

Chronicles of Syntax

We recommend taking advantage of both insights. Lower-priced perks will expand your funding base and bring greater visibility to your campaign. The greater your campaign visibility, the higher your chance of finding truly passionate funders who will claim the higher-priced perks to help you reach your goal.

What other kinds of perk pricing practices have worked for your campaign? Let us know in the comments! Also, if you have any favorite perks from your campaign or someone else’s, tweet it with a link and #IndiegogoPerk, and we’ll be retweeting!

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