July 17, 2012 · IGG, Success Stories

Partnerships and Your Campaign: Tech Education Examples


An education in anything from basic computer use to complicated coding can go a long way in helping people find jobs and explore their own creativity. This is especially true for the world’s young people.

Several recent campaigns have highlighted Indiegogo’s ability to raise awareness and support for youth tech education—both from within and outside the tech community.

They also demonstrate the effectiveness of partnerships—finding organizations, companies, or individuals who share a campaign’s vision and can provide significant support—whether in terms of contributions, vast social networks, or perks.


BlackGirlsCODE’s 2012 Summer of Code — San Francisco, CA


BlackGirlsCODE, a volunteer organization, raised $21,451 (original goal $18,500) in order to hold programming workshops in seven cities for girls of color. Their partnership with Access4Artists helped expand their campaign’s reach, and another with the Seed It Project provided some great perks.



Help Send 25 Underprivileged NYC Kids to CampInteractive Technology Summer Camp — Bronx, NY


CampInteractive—an organization that combines tech education and the outdoors to inspire underprivileged youth—is running a campaign to raise scholarships for 25 students for their Summer Tech Camp. They have partnered with Nokia, who is matching all funds donated until they reach their goal of $20,000. Check it out before the campaign ends!


CodeNow: Summer Training Teaching Kids to Code — Washington, D.C.


CodeNow, a DC-based nonprofit, raised $16,544 (original goal $15,000) to run its summer program that teaches underrepresented youth foundational skills in computer programming. They partnered with author Eric Ries to receive ten signed copies of his book, “The Lean Startup,” to offer as a perk. All ten copies sold out at $150—a significant boost to contributions—and Ries also promoted the campaign on his networks (over 63,000 Twitter followers).


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