AldeaAldea Baking Project

Location: Piura, Peru

It’s exciting to see the impact a single oven can have on these orphans and the community that supports them! I am inspired by these volunteers’ commitment to empowering The Aldea.

Bret/Customer Happiness

SurferGrrlsSurfer Grrrls Brazil
Location: San Francisco, CA

As an avid surfer and volunteer for groups like Surfrider and Urban Surf 4 Kids, I’ve experienced first hand what an amazing impact surfing can have on the lives of others.  Resources and opportunities are so limited for people around the world, especially women, and this campaign helps provide a glimpse of what’s possible.



Location: Sydney, Australia

This multi-disciplinary arts campaign in Sydney is almost half way to its goal!  What a great fusion of art forms and fun perks that let people into the creative process.


JYarzInnovative, earth friendly, glass-lined travel container

Location: Mill Valley, CA

Nifty and awesome glass travel item that is also environmentally sound. Woohoo!


Help Send 25 Underprivileged NYC Kids to CampInteractive Technology Summer Camp

Location: Bronx, NY

A great cause with an awesome matching program with Nokia!


MelodyPoolMelody Pool’s Debut Album

Location: Newcastle, Australia

What I love about this platform and this campaign is that it allows Melody to develop and grow as an artist.  Can’t wait to hear the new songs!


MayanTricycleMayan TRIcycle: For Burning Man 2012

Location: Campbell, CA

The Mayan TRIcycle is an incredible project for Burning Man – help make this awesome project happen!