Peace Love & Kids Yoga! A Place Where Little Yogis Are Om GrownPeace Love & Kids Yoga! A Place Where Little Yogis Are Om Grown

Location: Austin, Texas

This Yoga program for kids teaches, fitness, discipline and collaboration and looks like so much fun!






Danae/Co-Founder & COO

FRESH CURRENTS: A Renewable Energy FutureFRESH CURRENTS: A Renewable Energy Future

Location: Kyoto, Japan

This journal will explore, “why Japan – a victim of two atomic bombs – chose nuclear power, what went wrong with Fukushima following the earthquake and Tsunami, and the issues now facing the country in its efforts to move towards a more sustainable energy future.”  If sustainable energy isn’t important, I’m not sure what is.  Let’s thank these guys for carrying this load and teaching the world how to move to a more sustainable future.



David/Customer Happiness


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Super cool film set in Tel Aviv based on a story by one of my favorite authors, Etgar Keret.







80s Bluetooth Brick Phone80’s Bluetooth Brick Phone

Location: Los Angeles, California

Rock it like Zack Morris with a retro style cell phone bluetooth handset.






Slava/Co-Founder & CEO

Help Sarah and Coach Joe Micela Reach the OlympicsHelp Sarah and Coach John Micela Reach the Olympics

Location: Mesa, Arizona

The crowd getting ready for the Olympics.