August 2, 2012 · IGG

Indiegogo Partners with Google and Stiftung Entrepreneurship. Sprechen Sie deutsch?


Having a hard time understanding the video? Our German is a little rusty too. It’s an announcement for our partnership with Google and Stiftung Entrepreneurship in Germany. Together, we are launching a competition called, Gruender-Garage, which officially begins today and encourages German-speaking entrepreneurs to start taking action with their startup ideas. The competition ends in October and feature Indiegogo’s first-ever internationally-localized site,

Stiftung Entrepreneurship will help educate the competitors on small business strategies, Indiegogo will provide a platform for them to raise funds for their ideas, our meritocratic algorithm The gogofactor will be acting as one of the judges, and Google will be matching funds for campaigns that successfully reach their goal — until a prize pot of 150,000 € is depleted.

This is Google for Entrepreneurs’ first crowdfunding partnership. Mary Himinkool, Google’s Head of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach said of the partnership and upcoming competition, “We are excited about the opportunity here to team with Indiegogo, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and the broader community to support creative entrepreneurs in surfacing great ideas and moving them forward.”

Although Indiegogo is a global platform, already raising money in nearly 200 countries, we are particularly excited about this development as a key step toward bringing our crowdfunding platform to local markets around the world. We see Germany, with its tech-savvy culture and robust entrepreneurial spirit, as a great place to start this process.

The introduction of a German-language Indiegogo site and the ability of campaigners to receive contributions in Euros for this competition make this a milestone for both our company and crowdfunding. This is the first step in making our global platform even more accessible to people around the world — to discover more ideas, in more places, in more languages than ever before — and bring them to life.

As the competition begins, we are excited for our new partners and the competitors of Gruender-Garage and want to wish everyone good luck!

Check out the press release!

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Do you speak German? Find out how to compete in Gründer-Garage here!