Hub JohannesburgHub Johannesburg: Version 2.o

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

Access to a collaborative community is a key success factor for many entrepreneurs. I am thrilled to see social entrepreneurs in South Africa leveraging the power of a global network to help facilitate much needed change and innovation!


Operation AmerithonOperation Amerithon
Location: San Diego, California

It’s Forest Gump in the flesh! Albie Masland is kicking @$$ and taking names in his trek across America in support of veterans and their families.  Go Albie!


Improvcamp 200IMPROVCAMP 200!

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Now this looks like an amazingly fun way to spend a summer!


THe WOW Wireless SpeakerThe WOW – wireless speaker

Location: London, United Kingdom

Super catchy video, awesome design and great colors! I just ordered one and can’t wait to try it out!

David/Customer Happiness

East Side SushiEast Side Sushi

Location: Oakland, California

Industrial Light and Magic vet is shooting a film about a Latina woman who struggles to become a sushi chef. Great to see someone from a technical background branch out into a story-based direction.


Jamie and the Giant RobotJaimie and the Giant Robot

Location: Toronto, Canada

This guy is completely original and the embodiment of awesome.


Cloud 9 Mutant VehicleCloud 9 Mutant Vehicle – Burning Man 2012

Location: Oakland, California

Having once created an Art Car for Burning Man, I know the work and expenses involved. Help the Cloud 9 Mutant Vehicle make it to the Playa!