October 17, 2012 · IGG

Winners Announced for Gruender-Garage with 150.000€ in Matching Funds from Google


Back in August, we announced the launch of Gruender-Garage, a crowdfunding competition for German-speaking entrepreneurs. After applying to the competition, selected entrepreneurs created and ran campaigns to fund their ideas on Indiegogo with the help of our partners, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Google, who offered 150.000€ in matching funds to the top campaigns.

For over a month, a total of 177 campaigns competed in Gruender-Garage, raising a grand total of over 320.000€ to help fund their entrepreneurial ideas. By the time the competition ended on October 12th, dozens of campaigns had hit their goals and 25 winners were ultimately selected (via the gogofactor and a series of judging criteria) and awarded with matching funds from Google.

These great campaigns ran the gamut from a universal terms of service scoring system and an online marketplace for small farmers to a film about financial fitness and a platform for affordable music solutions for digital projects.

We applaud all the winners along with the rest of our Gruender-Garage competitors. Thank you for your brilliant ideas and determination to execute them. We can’t wait to see what happens next with your projects!

We’d also like to thank our partners, Stiftung Entrepreneurship and Google for Entrepreneurs, for helping make Gruender-Garage happen. This was an exciting step as we continue to build out Indiegogo as an international platform by creating a localized German-language version of our site, expanding our payment options beyond USD, and connecting directly with German entrepreneurs.

Check out the Gruender-Garage winners here!