October 12, 2012 · Behind The Scenes

Team Indiegogo’s Campaign Roundup (10/12/12)


Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Alice/Customer Happiness


Location: Atlanta, Georgia

As a former babysitter, I believe this campaign is a great way to make caring for a sick child easier on the parent and the child.

Ben/Customer Happiness

WeedLips Lip Balm

Location: Piscataway, New Jersey

Because they make using lip balm sounds like the most badass thing you’ll do today.


Malala Yousufzai Fund

Location: San Francisco, California

Let’s do something for someone who has done so much good and suffered through so much.


ShomoLive – a Web-based Tool for Music Artists, Venues, and Fans

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

ShomoLive – this great project wants to streamline the process of booking local live music for both artists and venues through a new easy-to-use website. If you love live music, check it out – it could be coming soon to a city near you!


Gamers changing the world one lightbulb at a time

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Gaming goes green! I am a gamer and I just got engaged. My fiance is an amazing woman but I find that she is always leaves the lights, TV, computer etc. Tappi has created an amazing way to solve my problem while also having fun doing it.


Music For Relief

Location: Los Angeles, California

Great band and a great cause (check out the SOCCKET kit) and what fan doesn’t want to meet Linkin Park?

Renee/Customer Happiness

Gaming Bar For London

Location: London, United Kingdom

Love, love, love that the Loading Bar is community driven and focused, allowing contributors to even design a drink for the bar as a perk!


Simple Diaper & Linen

Location: Northampton, Massachusetts

An amazing mom-owned, eco-friendly alternative.


1:Face Watch

Location: Chicago, Illinois

1 great product, 6 amazing charities, endless impact.


Manooghi Hi – Ready to tour, and you can be part of it.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Be part of Manooghi Hi’s new album – a mix of ancient and modern, pop and classical, ecstatic spiritualism and head-banging rock!