With the holiday shopping season now thoroughly underway, we’re excited to announce the winning campaigns of our Cyber Monday Perk Contest! We asked campaigners to upload a picture of their favorite perk from their campaign and then invited people to vote on their favorites.

After a few days and thousands of votes, the 8 campaigns below emerged as our winners. Indiegogo would like to thank all the campaigners and voters who participated.

Make sure to check out the contest page as well as browse campaigns on Indiegogo to get great holiday gift ideas!

Here are the winning perk pictures and campaigns:

1st Place

LetsMeetAtJoes – simple, collaborative scheduling

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Their perk: “Support our Indie campaign get an Indie feature film – Raising The Stakes.”


2nd Place

3 Musicians Doing a Debut Album Together

Location: Montreal, Canada

Their perk: “Be Immortalized forever!”


3rd Place


Location: Nationwide, USA

Their perk: “HeadCase Early Bird Special (Pick 1 In Any Color)”


4th Place

Madman From Athgarvan DONT BLINK

Location: Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

Their perk: “A chance to appear in the film as an extra and your name in the actors credits.”


5th Place

Website Funding

Location: Constanta, Romania

Their perk: “Irevuo T-shirt”

6th Place

Chailo Sim – Valley

Location: Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom

Their perk: “Be on the album!”


7th Place

Shutdown Bullfighting

Location: A Coruña, Spain

Their perk: “Fence´s name.”


8th Place


Location: Barcelona, Spain

Their perk: “Receive an artesanal copy of the script signed by actors and crew.”


Congratulations again to our winners! Are you interested in raising money for something you’re passionate about? Indiegogo is a platform for anyone, anywhere to fund anything. You could start now