March 15, 2013 · IGG

Inman is the Man: Indiegogo Campaigner Rocks SXSW Keynote



Image courtesy SaulPaul


Whether in tech, film, or music, Indiegogo campaigners past and present have had a strong presence at each and every day of this year’s SXSW festival so far (and will continue to as we move into the music portion of the festival) — and this presence was no more apparent than when Matthew Inman took the stage for the final (we’d like to say ‘headlining’) keynote of the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival.

Inman is the man behind the wiwildly successful comic site, The Oatmeal, and in 2012, he rallied his fans for back to back Indiegogo campaign homeruns. The first, Bear Love Good. Cancer Bad., was a cheeky and meaningful response to a lawsuit — and the second, Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum, was aimed at helping buy Nikola Tesla’s old laboratory in New York and raised over $1.3 million — still an Indiegogo record.

In his hilarious keynote address, Matthew Inman talked about both campaigns (giving a shout out to all his contributors!) as well as his creative process, crowdfunding tips, and quitting his day job to devote his time to The Oatmeal. Among many funny moments was his loving lampooning of Pete Cashmore (Mashable founder and Indiegogo friend) and this picture:


Whether you are a fan of The Oatmeal, contributed to one or both of Matthew Inman’s campaigns, or just want to have a good laugh about cats, creativity, and Internet culture, we encourage you to check out the video of the keynote when it’s posted (we’ll update this post!). And a big congratulations to Matthew for giving one of the best we’ve ever seen!

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