Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


SaveArcheologicalSites Save Archeological Sites! Empower Entrepreneurs! Create Jobs! People not Stones!

Location: New York, United States

Great campaign that is not only preserving an archaeological site, but it is also employing the local community!


ElephantsNeverForget ElephantsNeverForget

Location: Victoria, Canada

I love Elephants and I worry about there plight. I am never depressed around an elephant.


HipHopReEducationProject Hip Hop Re:Education Project

Location: New York, New York

This inspirational project will bring a NYC Hip Hop group around the world, offering a once in a lifetime chance to the students to travel abroad and connect with students globally.


Activyst Activyst: Bold Athletic Bags That Help Girls Play Sports

Location: Los Angeles, California

These women are creating opportunities for young girls all over the world, and all you have to do is rock a stylish, super functional athletic bag to do your part!  Definitely a feel-good campaign!


RitesOfPassage Rites of Passage: April Performance by Quicksilver Dance

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

There is nothing more exciting than a repeat campaigner using Indiegogo to fund a new project. Mariah is back with more from her amazing independent dance company, Quicksilver Dance.  Check out their super creative perks!

John V.

Titanic Titanic: Honor and Glory – Phase 2

Location: Southampton, Pennsylvania

These game developers are recreating the ENTIRE Titanic down to the most minuscule detail with the ship sinking in real time. AWESOME project that you should definitely check out.


BreakThrough Break Through

Location: Orlando, Florida

This is a great theater production that examines the importance of knowing your sexuality is only one thing that defines you as a person. Break Through is shedding light to LGBT issues and helping the community immensely!


Minuum The Minuum Keyboard Project

Location: Toronto, Canada

Revolutionize typing on your mobile device!  YES!