Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


ReformationProject The Reformation Project: Training LGBT Christians & Allies to Change the Church

Location: Wichita, Kansas

An amazing campaign that is bringing together the LGBT community and the church!


Fisheye World’s First Digital LoFi-Fisheye!

Location: London, United Kingdom

Greg’s failure to find the right camera led him to create the world’s first digital point-and-shoot fisheye camera for himself and now he is sharing it with others. I love his entrepreneurial spirit!


LightsOut Lights Out Saga

Location: Marietta, Georgia

You have read the BOOK – 3 million downloaded – Now be apart of the film.


Stashbelt StashBelt: Stash Cash – Store Files – Stay Safe

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

African artisans meet North American entrepreneurs to create a cool, stylish new “moneybelt”.  And the best part?  This social enterprise company pays above-market wages to workers, sources only free-range Boran cows for leather hides, provides vocational training and certification for apprentices, and donates a portion of all profits to the StashBelt Foundation.


JuilliardDanceFilm Untitled Juilliard Dance Film – Class of 2015

Location: New York, New York

This campaign is a great example of young artists taking action and working together across disciplines to showcase new talent.  They’ve reached their goal with a week left!


NauticalTorque Nautical Torque: Lunar Energy for a Sustainable Future

Location: San Francisco, California

Talk about the most innovative and scalable renewable energy source… Nautical Torque is a simple technology that harnesses the kinetic energy from large ships moving up and down with the tides into electricity.  20 ships connected to this technology would create enough energy from tidal movements to power half of San Francisco!  Boom!


EternalReturn Eternal Return

Location: San Francisco, California

Peter Hudson, the artist behind the most incredible Burning Man art I have ever seen, returns with a new project for 2013!


6KidsHelpingtheWorld 6 Kids Helping the World

Location: Hillsborough, California

Love this entrepreneurial spirit! Students are helping their communities by selling earthquake kits and donating profits to the Red Cross.


FlyingAnnex Yoga – Dance – Strength – Community

Location: Oakland, California

My friend Matt turned me onto flying yoga at his going away party before he left for a 6 month trip to practice in India, and now he’s turned me onto his friends campaigns to help expand their yoga studio in Oakland. As a resident of the East Bay I definitely want to support local businesses that help build community, and expanding Flying Yoga certainly does that!