Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


KidsProvidingWaterFilters 2 Kids Providing Water Filters to 1,000 Indian Families

Location: Karnataka, India

Forget penny wars, this 12 year-old used the Duke-UNC rivalry to raise funds to provide clean water for families in India. So inspiring!


NotBuyingIt The ‘Not Buying It’ App: Challenging Sexist Media

Location: San Francisco, California

By funding this “NotBuyingIt” app, the world can crowd-map sexism and eliminate the objectification of women in the media.  This is “technology for good” at its finest.


Within Within

Location: Melbourne, Australia

I dig this project not only because it’s going to be a visually stunning piece of experimental cinema, but because Darius comes off in his pitch video as a kind of poet who uses the ocean’s waves the way Shakespeare once used words –– as a means to express the innermost sense of being and humanity through the beauty of the barrel of a rolling wave.


Nonpoint Dude, Where’s Our Bus?! – Keep NONPOINT On The Road

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Great veteran band and road warriors. I love their Tour Bus BBQ perk, not only will the band cook for you but you get to see the show and receive tons of cool swag!


THINX THINX: Change Your Underwear

Location: New York, New York

Change your underwear and change the world.


FreeTheFlash Free the Flash! 

Location: Busan, Republic of Korea

Get Flash the dog from the Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary in Korea to a permanent home in the grassy fields of the UK!  :3 :3 :3


Inoui Inoui

Location: Montreal, Canada

J’aime lire des histoires racontées par des conteurs grands. Cette campagne recueille des fonds pour une application qui ne stocke que ces types d’histoires.

I love reading stories through the eyes of real people. This campaign is raising funds for an app that only houses true stories by great storytellers.