Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


Gig GIG 50-50: Uncovering 50 Inspiring Stories from 50 States

Location: San Francisco, California

I’d enjoy watching the news much more if it were filled with stories like these!


Kinsa Kinsa Smart Thermometer: a simple tool to track and stop the spread of disease

Location: New York, New York

An amazing technology that really has the potential to change the way the world understands, prevents, and manages the spread of diseases! Plus the thermometer is a great addition to any household!


BeSocialChange Let’s Build The Be Social Change Makers Institue! 

Location: New York, United States

These folks are empowering all of us to be social entrepreneurs!  They offer college level intro courses and four tracks of learning in the social entrepreneurship space both in person and online.


ConstitutionalChallenge Fundraising for S377A Constitutional Challenge

Location: Singapore, Singapore

I’m always excited to see people driving social change, and I was delighted to see the instant support for this campaign.


Waveborn Waveborn – Shades That Give Sight

Location: Washington, D.C.

Calling all philanthropic hipsters!  Checkout these awesome shades and help someone regain their eyesight!


Ginkgo Ginkgo umbrella 

Location: Bologna, Italy

This Italian campaign offers stylish, fun, durable and eco-friendly umbrellas. I can’t wait to customize my colors and get an umbrella that will last on NYC’s windy streets!


Burpees 10,000 Burpees

Location: Sandy, Utah

What do you get when you mix personal training with Indiegogo?  10,000 Burpees… oh and $10,000 too:)  After 5 years of personal training, Max wants to open a gym to take his dream to the next level.  For every dollar he raises, he’ll do a burpee!  Talk about walking the walk, or jumping the jump, rather 🙂



Location: Chicago, Illinois

Ever wanted to see someone tell a story while juggling string cheese? Rearrange furniture while performing 4 different styles of dance? Draw a self-portrait in a speeding car? Reward or punish these valiant souls with your contributions!

John T.

RamenParty Ramen Party

Location: Toronto, Canada

When I met the campaign owner Michael Mak, he handed to me a set of baseball cards of each of the main characters of Ramen Party, and I thought the concept was fun. They also have a great pitch video, which has since been replaced by an example of what part of Ramen Party will be about. Primarily a kid’s show, Ramen Party seeks to teach kids about the things we eat by turning them into fun, interesting characters, each with their own distinct personality.


Chimaira Chimaira *CROWN OF PHANTOMS* Fan Edition CD-DVD

Location: Melbourne, Australia

These guys have great and creative perks, love the USB port with song stems so you can create your own remix, also funding a special fan edition CD. Love it!

Kate D.

JamStik JamStick – Real Strings, Real Frets. Turn your iPad into a Real Instrument.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is awesome. Turn your iPad into a real instrument.


RebuildBatteryUrbanFarm Rebuild Battery Urban Farm!

Location: New York, New York

This is my favorite campaign this week because it’s earth day/week, and they are helping the earth. Also, this area was hammered by SuperStorm Sandy, and NYC is my home town so want to help bring them back!


Stepsister Stepsister

Location: San Francisco, California

My roommate’s friend, Joey is an a-maazing filmmaker whose short film was recently selected to screen at Cannes Film Festival. Help send him to Cannes and support our San Francisco film industry!