Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


IfOnlyYouKnew If Only You Knew What Your Body Knows

Location: Toronto, Canada

Do I love the message more, or campaigner Philip Shepherd’s hypnotic voice?


VitaV Vita-V: World’s First Organic Super Fruit Drink with Baobab

Location: Chicago, Illinois

This is a great way to stay healthy and help support sustainable economies in Africa at the same time!


ShitHarperDid Help ShitHarperDid.ca kick the Harper Government Right in the TV

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Canadian comedians decided to take political action and meet with surprising success? I’m sold.


Ola OLA: Create Change With Snapbacks

Location: Berkeley, California

Ola gives contributors the choice to support food, water or education initiatives with their perk selection.  For each grey cap you select, one pound of rice is donated, for blue, a lifestraw and for red, a dictionary. They’re working with top notch nonprofits to make sure these donations are impactful. Pick your color now!



DawnPatrol Dawn Patrol Truck – Mobile Surf Shop and Food Truck

Location: Venice, California

Surf wax, key storage, breakfast burritos…all on demand at your favorite surf spot!  What more could a surfer want?


EnergyDemocracyTV Energy Democracy TV – free crowdpublished magazine app

Location: Berlin, Germany

My favorite campaign this week is “Energy Democracy TV” because I’m passionate about renewable energy, and the campaign helps spread the message that we can have a world that is based on 100% renewable energy: “We don’t need centralized solutions, but an intelligent interplay of renewable resources.”


RebuildBatteryUrbanFarm Rebuild Battery Urban Farm!

Location: New York, New York

Even kids who live in the middle of Manhattan should know where whole, healthy food comes from.  Let’s help this great project reach its goal!


PickyBars Picky Bars: Pro Athlete Created Real Food Energy Bars. Booyah!

Location: Bend, Oregon

I love this campaign!  I love sports, and food, and foods that are great for sports.  When I trained for my first triathlon I had a lot of challenges with my diet, and had I had these Picky Bars it would have been easy! YUM.

Kate D.

CardboardRifle Cardboard Rifle: Blast Paper Ammo Up to 75ft!

Location: San Francisco, California

Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with this snazzy cardboard gun.


ParkNLot Park n’ Lot 2.0: Unpave Paradise

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Feeling the love for HS students, Canada and unpaving mother nature!  Plus they have nearly reached their goal!