June 25, 2013 · IGG

From the Field: Serendipity Strikes in Toronto



One of the many benefits of crowdfunding that we like to highlight at Indiegogo is serendipity — the things that can happen by sheer chance by sharing your ideas with the world.

The Indiegogo team had one such moment of serendipity on Monday. We had barely been on the ground in Toronto — literally less than an hour — when we stumbled upon a party for an Indiegogo campaign…IN OUR HOTEL BAR! It was for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, which is raising money for its fourth year of showcasing the groundbreaking and diverse work of the Canadian design community.

It suffices to say that the campaign owners were just as surprised and excited as we were — an exciting moment of Indiegogo’s globalness and love for Canada. Here’s to lots more serendipity in the future!


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