Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Bre (@gogobre)

Revelo Revelo LIFEbike: Fun, Freedom for Everyone

Location: Toronto, Canada

June is Toronto’s Bike to Work month, and there’s no better way to bring the celebrations around the world than by supporting Toronto-based startup Revelo’s compact electric bike.

Bret (@gogobret)

SurfersCommunityHealth Surfers for Community Health

Location: Playa Gigante, Nicaragua

Surfers for good helping to build an amazing community center for the children of Playa Gigante in Nicaragua!

Crista (@cckende)

SponsorYoungMusician Sponsor a young musician

Location: London, United Kingdom

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is a Founder Patron of this fantastic group that provides music scholarships for young children whose families cannot afford private lessons. For just £10, who wouldn’t want that “warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from doing a good deed”?

Erica (@gogoErica)

KingstonTrio The Complete Kingston Trio Documentary

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

I remember listening to the Kingston Trio with my dad when I was a kid – it always put the entire family in a good mood.  I am so excited to learn more about the history of this group and share some more tunes with my family!

Kate D. (@KateDrane)

BlackGirlsCodeBlack Girls CODE – Summer of CODE 2013 – The Remix

Location: San Francisco, California

You want to be part of something big and important, right? I can’t think of anything more important than empowering our next generation to build their future.

Liz (@gogoGlobalLiz)

SaveHealingHouse Save Healing House Cusco!

Location: Cusco, Peru

I’ve been to Machu Picchu and spent several days walking through the amazing communities around Cusco.  I love that their taking a holistic approach – mind, body, spit, nature – to supporting the community and it would be incredible if Indiegogo could help them by the house that is their center!

Maggie (@maggieronan)

freespace freespace – A Temporary Space for Lasting Change

Location: San Francisco, California

Help Indiegogo SF’s neighbors [freespace] continue building their civic hacking events space for the month of July!