Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Adam (@AdamChapnick)

PerfectPitch Perfect Pitch Golf Mat

Location: Santa Monica, California

So simple and so needed to shave a couple strokes for this summer’s annual high school buddies golf trip!  (Who’s got two thumbs and is shooting under 100? THIS guy!)

Alice (@alicebely)

MedicalProvidersInTurkey Support Medical Providers in Turkey

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

A great non-partisan campaign to support victims in Turkey!

Crista (@cckende)

Docta New Docta International Music Festival

Location: New York, New York

Some of New York’s finest musicians are teaming up to bring their world-class music back to Argentina. The festival will include clinics, masterclasses, concerts for children, outreach at hospitals, and a gala concert. Support their fantastic work in return for some of their amazing digital tracks!

Garrett (@IndiegogoMusic)

JamesFranco Palo Alto Stories by James Franco

Location: Palo Alto, California

James Franco is literally my hero, and I will support anything he does. He is the Milky Way of Actors.


John V. (@gogoJV)

VideoGameYears The Video Game Years – Help Keep The Show Going!

Location: Stratford, Connecticut

An incredible videogame film series that is in the midst of their final push for funding. They have had previously had on such gaming legends as David Crane, Howard Phillips and are looking to add even more lets get them to their goal to continue this series.

Karen (@Karenbair)


Location: Los Angeles, California

Filter are a great rock radio band with so many hits, I love their perks such as letting fans create a custom set list, backstage hang with the band,  even coffee with Richard when he comes to your town.

Kate D. (@KateDrane)

mOwayduino Let’s play robotics with mOwayduino

Location: Erandio, Spain

This Spain-based startup has created a robot that allows anyone interested in robotics a perfect opportunity to get started.