Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Ayah (@IndiegogoCA)


Location: Vancouver, Canada

All DADS for me. Hilarious webseries… their pilot got mega attention, no doubt this will be huge. DADS = the new GIRLS 🙂

Crista (@gogocrista)

JeremyWeinglass Jeremy Weinglass’ new solo piano album: CHOOSE LOVE

Location: Los Angeles, California

Help this LA native release his third album of original music, compiling compositions from over 24 years!

Bre (@gogobre)

GradTrain GradTrain – global education. The help *you* need.

Location: New York, New York

In an increasingly global world, global education is so important. GradTrain is revolutionizing the space.


BisonBison BisonBison Co. – Real. American. Meat.

Location: San Francisco, California

Tasty and healthy bison meat for all!

Jerry (@jneed)

SendingMessageToMcDonalds Sending our message to McDonald’s HQ: Don’t build near our kindergarten

Location: Tecoma, Australia

Amazing use of Indiegogo to raise money in an effort to protect a local community.  The concerned parents in this Australian town didn’t just sit back and complain about something they were upset about, but they took action to amplify their voice.

Kate D. (@KateDrane)

GlobalTies Global Ties: Leather Bracelets for Hunger

Location: San Francisco, California

Love when I can do good and look cute. Contribute to end hunger and get an awesome bracelet to remind you of the good you are making in the world.

Liz (@gogoGlobalLiz)

Nonessentials nonessentials – products on demand

Location: Berlin, Germany

Unabashed desire to make stuff you don’t necessarily need but that you want while being committed to only producing on demand so as to keep the world piles of waste. Nice! He needs a bi of help getting to his goal and is thinking first of the people who already got him this far, also nice.

Minette (@gogominette)

BayPositives BAY Positives: Support Youth With HIV and AIDS

Location: San Francisco, California

HIV/Aids is an epidemic I am all too familiar with. It is heartbreaking to watch kids in Africa contract and die from the disease because of a lack of education about the subject and adequate community and psychological support once they have it. My dear friend runs a not for profit in San Francisco that addresses the exact problem: education and support for HIV/AIDS youths.

Orly (@orlyreine)

ElGusto El Gusto’s American Dream!

Location: Dublin, Ireland

I saw this documentary last year, and LOVED it. The story is so touching– an Algerian musical group from the 40s and 50s, composed of Algerian Jews and Algerian Muslims, was split up after the war between Algeria and France. The director travels around France and Algeria to find the members of this group. The documentary is very well made. And since my dad is a Moroccan Jew who lived in Paris for many years, I admit I also loved it because I felt a personal connection to it.

Ruika (@RuikaLin)

ElGusto El Gusto’s American Dream

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Such fascinating story, music, and film – this campaign is truly an incredible blend of various types of arts around the globe from Algeria, to Ireland, and to the US. Indiegogo empowers!

Tony (@IndiegogoAU)

SendingMessageToMcDonalds Sending our message to McDonald’s HQ: Don’t build near our kindergarten

Location: Tecoma, Australia

A small Australian town, taking their protest against development in their community, all the way to McDonald’s headquarters – powerful stuff!