August 28, 2013 · Behind The Scenes

Where Are They Now: YouTuber Premiers Full-Length Film


Stuart Ashens, the hardware-loving comedian-cum-geek behind the popular YouTube Channel “Ashens,” had an idea: To make a movie.
In order to do the script justice though, he needed to raise additional funds, so he turned to Indiegogo and ran his campaign the only way he knew how — by being funny. He was able to engage with his over 400,000 YouTube subscribers (and beyond) to raise $73,690. His original goal was $50,000. We assume Ashen reacted like this about the additional $23K:


That was only back in April of this year, but Ashens and his team quickly set to work to produce the film with the help of a talented crew and seasoned actors like Warwick Davis — and they debuted the film just this past week for free on YouTube, just as Ashens intended.

So, without further ado, we’re happy to bring you a film that’s been described as “one part Indiana Jones and one part Monty Python.” It’s…

Ashens and The Quest for the GameChild!


If you’re a YouTuber, check out YouTube’s Indiegogo partner page and download our guide, “Monetizing Your YouTube Channel with Indiegogo!”