Touchdown Halifax!

No better way to start our cross-country road trip than with a warm east coast welcome! Check out pics from our adventure, roundups on our meetings with the campaigners behind You Never Take Me Seriously (Film), StashBelt (Design), The Quarrelsome Yeti Needs a New Press (Small Business) and No More Hurting People (Community) and a very special short film featuring our beloved tour mascot, Pomp Le Moose (think grapefruit, en français).

Halifax waterfront
Halifax waterfront
Prepped for all kinds of Halifax weather
Prepped for all kinds of Halifax weather
Where's Pomp Le Moose? Halifax Ship Edition
Where’s Pomp Le Moose? Halifax Ship Edition
Over the bridge to Dartmouth!
Over the bridge to Dartmouth!
Kicking off the tour with a Keith's!
Kicking off the tour with a Keith’s!



We started our day in the North End, meeting with filmmaker Caley MacLennan. Caley’s short film You Never Take Me Seriously is live now. After being denied funding several times, Caley decided to rally a tight group of close friends to make a 3D film using rudimentary equipment… and, thanks to his campaign, it is now screening at the Atlantic Film Festival! The best news? Caley’s campaign is live now. Check it out to snag a film download (old-school 3D glasses included!).

Where were you at before your campaign?
Flat broke. Stagnant.

Biggest fear before launching?
I’m not good at being popular. I thought I’d have the classic “going to school in my underpants” nightmare every night for 2 months.

Biggest campaign victory?
Making the goal… hopefully! This campaign has done so many things. Raised money, awareness, spirits, ideas.

Most surprising campaign moment?
Getting asked to participate in this!

How did Halifax support you?
Halifax is a tight-knit community that has a deep zeal, especially an artistic earnestness.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




Next, it was off to Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market to meet Seth Rozee, co-founder of StashBelt. We braved the sea of cruise ship tourists at the Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market to find one of the shops selling StashBelts. Handmade in Kenya with 100% natural African leather, StashBelt is the world’s only traveler’s belt with integrated data storage. Curious? Check out Seth’s Vine demo!

Where were you at before your campaign?
Before Indiegogo, we were struggling to “boot strap” our business. Tooling up a leather shop 10,000kms away wasn’t easy or affordable. We needed funds and exposure, with Indiegogo, we got both!

What’s next?
We’re working hard to fulfill all the perks. We’re a little behind on getting them out, with leather shortages, customs delays, and growing pains, but we’re moving along now faster than ever. We’ve already hired some new staff and expanded operations in Kenya, including buying a new laptop for our shop manager and sending over lots of specialized tools. Some new product lines are in the works, and we’ll for sure turn to the Indiegogo community for help.

Advice for future campaigners?
Don’t let your dream business pass you by – wake up and make it a reality!

What was the best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




Over the bridge to Dartmouth! We spent the afternoon at our new fave cafe Two If By Sea (our Creative Campaign Specialist David would call it so San Francisco). Geordan Moore, Creator of Quarrelsome Yeti press, stopped by to show us some of his most popular goods. Geordan ran an Indiegogo campaign to buy a new 4-colour manual screenprint press, and a flash dryer for his new home studio. The Quarrelsome Yeti tees can be spotted all over Halifax, so it’s no surprise Geordan and his team blew way over their goal.

Why did you crowdfunding with Indiegogo?
My friend Mike Holmes ran a successful campaign, and it inspired me to give it a try.

Most popular perk?
Friend of the Yeti – $30 – All of the awards above  (sticker, official membership card to the Quarrelsome Yeti Conservatory, and hand-printed tote) as well as your choice of a T from our current catalogue. INCLUDING the very popular, but out of print Owl t-shirt, back for a limited time.

How did Halifax support you?
We got a mention in our popular daily paper, The Coast, and quite a bit of local social media support.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




Next, our friends from the No More Hurting People team stopped by to the spot where it all began. Struck by the tragedy of the Boston bombing this spring, five friends gathered at Two if By Sea to brainstorm how they could help the City of Boston, who came to Halifax’s aid after the 1917 Explosion. They decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign to help spread 8-year old victim Martin Richard’s simple message: No More Hurting People. Peace. The results are pretty awe-inspiring.

Biggest fear before launching the campaign?
Was our story big enough to reach our goal? We were fast out of the gate, then it slowed until Indiegogo promoted it through their social media links. After that it was a brilliant success: we raised $28,715 from 729 contributors.

Most memorable comment from a contributor?
“I think this is a great thing you are doing. The bombings did touch me and I was wondering what I could do. You have helped me do something, even if in a small way. I am going to wear the t-shirt with pride.”

What do you love about Halifax?
The people. Volunteers showed up on camera and off to help out. They brought their passion and heart to the video production. It speaks volumes about the way we take care of each other here, and abroad.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




We capped the night off with a Meetup, hosted in part with Innovacorp, a great supporter of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia. Creative, entrepreneurial and cause-related minds came out to connect with each other, and learn more about our open, global platform. In between our mixing, mingling, and sushi-eating, we made a film! Check out Moose Sees Holden in 3D, a film by Caley and Holden MacLennan. Watch out Atlantic Film Festival – Moose is already preparing his 2014 festival submission.

Get involved and follow the journey @IndiegogoCA and #gogoCA