We made it to middle ground!

Mid-way through the tour and mid-way through the country, we touched down in the ‘Peg for week two of our #gogoCA tour. We had a music-filled day, which isn’t a huge surprise. Though it makes up only 2.25 per cent of Canada’s population, Winnipeg is home to 12 per cent of Canada’s musicians (what better way to spend those Winnipeg winters than inside jamming?!). Check out some of our favourite Winnipeg gems, and interviews with campaigners from If I Could Only Leave Here (Film), Ingrid Gatin 1000 Lives Album (Music), Top & Derby (Design) and The Mariachi Ghost Full Length Album (Music).

Endless prairies!
Endless prairies!
Meeting new friends at The Forks
Meeting new friends at The Forks
Strolling through Downtown Winnipeg!
Strolling through Downtown Winnipeg!


First stop of the day was the University of Manitoba, where we met with photographer and filmmaker Mike Latschislaw. Mike is the visionary behind If I Could Only Leave Here, a documentary that provides a glimpse into the bars and basements of Winnipeg’s thriving music scene. With his LIVE campaign already past its goal (thanks in part to those sweet t-shirts!), Mike may just help turn around what he calls “Winnipeg’s low self-esteem” 🙂

What’s your campaign about?
My ultimate goal with this documentary is to open the hearts and minds of people who can help Winnipeg become a place that is known everywhere for its incredible music scene. Through this documentary, I’d like to give as many people as possible the opportunity to appreciate the artists who struggle to put it out there night after night.

Why is it important for Winnipeg?
I love our city and while most people that live here feel the same way, Winnipeg is a tough sell for anyone who lives outside of it. If I succeed in getting just a few more people out to support our music scene the past year will have been well worth it.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




Ingrid Gatin needed an extra push to complete her second full-length album 1000 Lives, created with Grammy-nominated engineer/producer Howard Bilerman. They had it recorded, produced, the artwork, almost everything… but they still needed to get the actual CDs made. She turned to crowdfunding to raise the funds for 1000 CDs of 1000 Lives, and lo and behold, hit her goal! Ingrid was on the road for a show, but we caught up with her via the magic of the internets!

Biggest fear before launching the campaign?
I think everyone’s biggest fear is not having anyone choose to fund you, but also that no one will hear about it! In my case, I’m a musician so I had to remind myself that people have really enjoyed and appreciated my recorded stuff so far, so they would reasonably want me to record more.

Most surprising campaign moment?
A fan of mine who lives in Alaska purchased my House Concert option. So in 2014 I will be working in a trip to play music in Alaska, which I have never even been close to. Adventure!

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?




The mission was simple: the world needed a better cane. So, the Top & Derby team – Ben Grynol, Gerrit de Vries and Matthew Kroeker – designed one that people would actually be proud to own. They launched their Indiegogo campaign to test the market, and the response. They raised over $21,000, thanks in large part to coverage from Fast Company, the Globe and Mail, and many other media outlets. We met up with Ben and Matthew – and tested out the Top & Derby cane! – at Winnipeg’s uber-hip Parlour Coffee.

What makes Top & Derby important?
There is no reason that home healthcare goods are designed to look so clinical. We’re set out to change this.

Where are you at now?
We’re working with our manufacturing partners to get our product to our contributors and launch it in the market to the public. We’re also in the process of raising seed capital and moving forward to launch other home healthcare products.

Most memorable comment from a contributor?
People have emailed privately with some pretty cool stories about how they are young and embarrassed by having to use brutal looking canes when the require them. It’s cool that people get our vision and have enough trust in us to share their private stories.

What do you love about Winnipeg?
It’s a small city with a tight group of peeps to jam ideas with.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



After 5 years of being in a band together, and recording a successful EP, the Mariachi Ghost team decided to embark in the adventure of recording their full-length album, a unique musical fusion of Mexican folk music, progressive rock, spaghetti-western soundtracks, and jazz. We caught up with bandmates Jorge Requinas and Gabriel Fields at our meetup.

Why was your campaign important for your community?
Our music community in Winnipeg is something to reckon with. There is a massive amount of talent world recognized recording artists and a vibrancy that any big city would be jealous of (if they knew). We wanted to make something that attests for the diversity and musical quality of our city. A product that could travel the world.

Where are you at now?
We have been talked about in magazines, nationally and internationally. We attended over a dozen radio and TV interviews. We have increased our online followers across the world, and we have recorded a sweet album.

What’s next?
We are throwing a HUGE CD release part on the Day of the Dead, then gearing up to tour next summer.

Best thing your Indiegogo campaign made happen?



We capped the day off with a packed house at Ramp Up Manitoba. With their neighbour AssentWorks, Ramp Up Manitoba is a  collision between developers, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs focused on increasing the number of technology startups in Winnipeg. There were tons of curious minds in the house, so we brought up the Top & Derby and Mariachi Ghost teams to share their secrets in an informal Q&A. They shared tips on communicating your story, pitching press, and getting that gogofactor going… with all those secrets out, we can’t wait to see what Winnipeg has next!

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Go Jets Go!