September 27, 2013 · Behind The Scenes

Team Indiegogo’s Campaign Roundup (9/27/13)


Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention. Here’s what we were talking about this week:


EndSexTrafficking End Sex Trafficking

Location: Aiken, South Carolina

This campaign is a great way to help end sex trafficking. I love the enthusiasm and passion that this campaign owner has for this cause. (Plus, the campaign combines two of my favorite things: art and making an impact on the world!)

Bre (@gogobre)

RISE R.I.S.E. Yoga for Youth

Location: San Francisco, California

RISE is expanding its impactful work bringing yoga to kids in San Francisco!

Bret (@gogoBret)

PinkDay P.INK DAY 2013

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Breast cancer survivors turning to Personal Ink to help with the healing process…incredibly powerful.

Christine (@IndiegogoDE)


Location: München, Germany

German campaign for a movie that is set in Ethiopia, telling the story of two best friends, whose lives take a dramatic turn for a single photo. You can feel the filmmakers’ passion for the people and country, they have the potential to change the way people perceive Ethiopia.

Crista (@gogocrista)

AcademyTheater Portland’s Historic Academy Theater Needs You!

Location: Portland, Oregon

Considering helping this small but vibrant local theater update their equipment so they can stay in business.  The Academy Theater is a top historic preservation site in Portland and has already managed to get up and running after a 30 year closure!


Traveller The Traveller: An Indie Travel Memoir

Location: Montreal, Canada

Daniel Baylis spent a year traveling the world and volunteering in 12 different countries. Help fund the book chronicling his amazing journey!

Erica (@gogoErica)

InnovationChallenge Spirit of Innovation Challenge: Students Grants 4 Social Good

Location: Houston, Texas

A few years ago I was able to attend the Conrad Foundation’s Spirit of Innovation Challenge and I was blown away by how inspiring these students are and their enthusiasm for new ideas.  So exciting that the challenge continues and again – totally blown away by these students’ ideas.  Your money will help bring them to reality!

Karen A. (@jerezana3)

PresPeople Pre’s People

Location: Portland, Oregon

It’s about one of the greatest long distance runners ever. PRE!!! #nuffsaid

Kate D. (@KateDrane)

SamanthasVagina Samantha’s Vagina

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

This woman is amazing. Proud to be a contributor to make her dream possible.

Liz (@gogoGlobalLiz)

BlackBoneDisease Cure Black Bone Disease

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

This dad from the UK is working incredibly hard to not only save his own children but everyone with this disease. He’s done the hard part in terms of getting people to work on the science, now he is raising money to help bring those suffering into clinical trials. Let’s get this campaign funded!!

Orly (@orlyreine)

BaobabProject The Baobab Project – Madagascar

Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar

I learned a ton about Madagascar’s Baobab superfruit from the colorful, interesting infrographics on this (bilingual!) campaign. Your contributions can help bring the benefits of this fruit to the world.

Tony (@IndiegogoAU)

Go2x Gyromatic Go2X Gimbal Stabilizer

Location: Albury, Australia

A great product that’s lots of fun – a stabiliser for professional & extreme videographers – helping make awesome action shots more awesome!