Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.

Here’s what we were talking about this week:

Liz W. (@gogoGlobalLiz)

IWannaBeAHero Face to Face: Help Keep Childhood REAL

Location: Portland, Oregon

This is a guide for parents and schools to support kids’ social lives and manage digital insanity, family stress, and bullying, which sadly is an increasingly big problem. This is a super tool kit for parents and kids. (Full disclosure: This is my sister-in-law’s campaign, but I’d support it anyway!)

Anastasia E. (@IndiegogoUK)

PhoneHackingTrial Live Coverage of the Phone Hacking Trial

Location: London, United Kingdom

A London blogger, Peter Jukes, has been following this News Of The World phone-hacking scandal since the beginning. He was hoping to live-tweet the trial, but needed some funds to do this. The campaign reached goal in 24 hours and provides a great insight into how strongly the British Public feels about this scandal.

Tony B. (@IndiegogoAU)

Zcon All of Us

Location: Melbourne, Australia

This inspiring campaign will make a real difference by tackling and providing solutions to the problems of intolerance and homophobia in schools. It really deserves support.

Ayah N. (@IndiegogoCA)

SaveSammy Save Sammy – Sauvons Sammy

Location: Montreal, Canada

Sammy is a young mom with Lymphoma, whose body was resisting all lines of radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The outpouring of support around this campaign has helped get her a life-saving treatment. An inspiring example of the power of community!