February 21, 2014 · Behind The Scenes

2014 Winter Olympics Campaign Roundup (2/21/14)


As the Winter Olympics in Sochi wrap-up to a close this weekend, we can’t help but reflect on all of the amazing campaigns that were created with Indiegogo to support the Olympics.

There are a few that are still raising funds for various causes. Check them out:

Fisht the Sochi Olympic Wunder Dog

Olympic stray dog Location: Denver, Colorado

A Sochi Olympic stray dog named Fisht needs some help starting a new life.

Sochi Strays

Sochi StraysLocation: Sochi, Russian Federation

Russian officials hired an exterminator to obliterate the stray dogs. Meet the woman on a mission to save the animals and learn how you can help.

Wheelchair Sports Federation

ParalympicsLocation: Middle Village, New York

Send volunteers to the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi to showcase the athleticism of disabled athletes and help others on their own personal recovery and rehabilitation.

Help the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team

Jamaica Bobsleigh TeamLocation: Lake Placid, New York

The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team triumphantly qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics after a 12-year absence, and they crowdfunded the rest of their way there.

Send gay speed skater Blake Skjellerup to the World Cup and Olympics

Blake SkjellerupLocation: Christchurch, New Zealand

Blake Skjellerup aimed to be the first openly gay male to compete in the Winter Olympics. Despite not qualifying for the games, he was able to generate significant awareness of LGBT rights for athletes around the world.

Ice Climbing at Sochi Olympics 2014

Jen OlsonLocation: Canmore, Canada

Jen Olson, a World Cup Ice Climber, represented Canada at the Sochi-Cultural Event at the Winter Olympics. Her campaign helped achieve a dream for climbers worldwide.

Help 2014 Canadian Olympian & Coach Reach His Goals in Sochi

Crispin Lipscomb Location: Whistler, British Columbia

Although Canadian Olympian Crispin Lipscomb qualified to compete in the halfpipe competition, he needed help covering his extensive training and traveling expenses for Sochi.

Send Noelle Pikus Pace to the Winter Olympics!

Crispin Lipscomb Location: Eagle Mountain, Utah

Skeleton racer Noelle Pikus-Pace came out of retirement to eventually win the silver medal in Sochi this year. But she needed to raise $30,000 to get there.

Skating to Sochi

Mitch Whitmore Location: Waukesha, Wisconsin

Wisconsinite Mitch Whitmore secured his spot on the 2014 US Speedskating team with his first-place finish in the 500M Olympic trials. But he still needed help getting to the 2014 Sochi Games.