Every week, we give team members at Indiegogo an opportunity to talk about the campaigns that have caught their attention.
Here’s what they were talking about this week:

Video Game High School 3

Video Game High SchoolLocation: Burbank, California
“What more can you say that hasn’t been said about the amazing talents of Freddie Wong and the RocketJump Productions crew? They’re back with the 3rd Season of Video Game High School, and it’s also their last. Needless to say, they’re going out strong!”– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

Cavalier Daily Distribution Boxes

Cavalier DailyLocation: Charlottesville, Virginia
The Cavalier Daily is the school paper at the University of Virginia. Student writers have gone on to work for Sports Illustrated, TIME and others. As a former Wahoo, I’m excited to support this incredible community cornerstone!”– Bre D. (@indiegogocause)

Around Here the Film

Around HereLocation: Denver, Colorado
“In collaboration with our partner IndieReign, this independent film out of Denver is an aspirational story about an Iraq/Afghanistan war veteran’s battle with PTSD who ultimately finds healing through an extraordinary encounter…that’s right, it’s a sci-fi film!”– Bret H. (@gogobret)

Hopeless Records & Sub City Studios at New Directions for Youth

Hopeless Records & Sub City Studios at New Directions for YouthLocation: Los Angeles, California
“The amazing founder of Hopeless Records, Louis Posen, is blind, and he has created a profitable indie record label that is now 20 years old. Their non-profit, Sub-city, has given over TWO MILLION dollars to L.A. charities, and this campaign is a way to further connect with the community to help disadvantaged L.A. youth through the power of music. Awesome!”– Adam C. (@AdamChapnick)

Cat Town Cafe

Mother Cabrini High SchoolLocation: Oakland, California
Ann of Cat Town was on my block each night for two weeks to capture two kitties that escaped from a foster home — and she caught them both. She is so committed to saving animals. And I’m not even a cat person!”– Kelly F. (@justmyneighbors)

Worldwide Fund for Nature: Werde Robbenretter!

Werde RobbenretterLocation: Berlin, Germany
“Watch the video and you will fall in love with seals again! The German chapter of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is raising money to preserve the habitat of grey seals at the Baltic Sea and with your contribution, we might see the first baby seal being born this spring. Check out the great perks, including a plush baby seal for Valentine’s Day?”
– Christine W. (@IndiegogoDE)