There’s a lot to get excited about at Indiegogo HQ. Here’s just a handful of the campaigns we’re keeping an eye on this week!


Regina, SK, CA

“Who is Wolfcop? Think Dirty Harry, only hairier. Indie film fans, monster lovers, comic hounds, and underground collectors will love this horror-comedy and their rawrrr-ing perks.”
– Ayah N. (@indiegogoCA)

Wireless Armour

London, UK

“Who knows what electromagnetic radiation is doing to our bodies? In response to the overwhelming amount of time we spend on our smartphones and gadgets, Joseph has created Wireless Armour to protect your reproductive health!”
– Anastasia E. (@indiegogoUK)

Grush: The Gaming Toothbrush for Kids

San Francisco, CA

“Gamify brushing your teeth! The little ones will be psyched!”
– Bret H. (@gogobret)

Alice on Mars

London/Brighton, UK

British humorist Robert Rankin’s reimagining of Alice in Wonderland comes to the big screen. I’m there to support the female lead, wacky sci-fi, amazing costumes, and big explosions!”
– Judy T. (@judytuna)


Portland, OR

“We love SUMMERSKIN for showing how people faced with adversity can turn their struggles into opportunity. The woman behind this campaign dealt with cancer at an early age, then used that experience to start a business helping others prevent cancer (and stay fashionable).”
– Jerry N. & Stefan K. (@indiegogo)

The Identity Project

San Francisco, CA

“This beautiful, powerful photography project expolores gender identity and labels. I’m in full support of any campaign that empowers people to define themselves.”
– Ashley MD (@ashlaf)

Partition Stories

Pittsford, NY

“An intelligent and informative documentary about the partitioning of India. As a history buff, I love this stuff!”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)