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With each roundup, we realize how many great Indiegogo campaigns are running at a time. This week’s selection is great, though by no means comprehensive! Check it out and let us know which campaign you’re most excited about.


San Francisco

“Skylock is a solar-powered bike lock that you control from your cell phone. Pretty rad!”
– Rachel A. (@therja)


Los Angeles, CA

“I love me some good sci-fi, and Outpost has it all! Learn about love – and what it’s like to be the last human at the farthest outpost on the edge of the universe.”
– Marc H. (@theoriginalhoff)

Give Everybody a Bikini Body

San Francisco, CA
“This summer, About-Face is equipping women and girls with the tools to understand and resist harmful media messages that affect their self-esteem and body image. It was inpsiring to watch their video and see their program’s power to change lives.”
– Jamie K. (@kong_jamie)


Atlanta, GA

“TouchSTEM enables teens living with blindness and visual impairments to access science in fun ways. Love the robot dinosaurs!”
– Bre D. (@IndiegogoCause)


Hanover, Germany

“An open source platform with inherent data privacy: that’s the German answer for getting their chancellor spied on!”
– Konrad L. (@indiegogoDE)

Indiecan 10K Challenge

“These top filmmakers are doing what most thought impossible: making great features for under $10,000. This challenge shows the creativity, resourcefulness, and hustle of emerging filmmakers – and some awesome stories are coming from it!”
– Ayah N. (@indiegogoCA)
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