Each week, we here at Indiegogo HQ share a handful of the campaigns that we’re talking about around the office. Our amazing community continuously wows us with the projects they’re running – take a look and tell us which one is your favorite!


New York, NY

“Publicolor’s struggling students are succeeding against unimaginable odds! Your gift will help ONE HUNDRED formerly underachieving students go to college, thereby leaving behind their life of poverty to become productive members of society.”
– Pam M. (@pamelot)

Frosty Builds Skateparks

Woonsocket, RI

“I’ve never met a more dedicated Indiegogo campaign team – Frosty is more than a stakepark. It’s empowering kids to be entrepreneurial, take ownership of their surroundings, and help change their community for the better.”
– Alisa C. (@alisacordesius)

La TechLa

San Francisco, CA

“Let’s empower young Latinas and their parents to embrace tech skills that will benefit their futures!”
– Bosco S. (@boscomonkey)


Los Angeles, CA

“Spaghetto’s traveled the globe to capture footage and interviews with a number of twerking personalities. This documentary promises to be timely, fascinating, and entertaining – and let’s face it, we could all stand to know a little more about twerking.”
– Yan B. (@indiegogo)



Baltimore, MD

“This campaign is funding a documentary about an incredible band as it leaves the label system behind and goes independent.”
– David A. (@memorymansions)

Cabaret Metamorphoses

San Francisco, CA

“Circus and cabaret? Amazing! Storytelling set to live music like you’ve never seen it before.”
– Kate D. (@katedrane)
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