July 29, 2014 · IGG

Indiegogo Launches New Facebook Social Features


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Facebook Feature

Discovering and sharing exciting Indiegogo campaigns with your friends and family is about to get a whole lot easier with our newly integrated Facebook features. Now you can stay up to date on all the great new projects – and perks – that your friends are funding simply by checking out these easy-to-follow tags on Indiegogo’s Explore pages:

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 5.16.09 PM

We’re always innovating to make Indiegogo a meaningful and engaging experience for our community, and these new features are the next step in helping you share the projects, ideas, and causes that you think are worth supporting. As always, you can still control contribution visibility from your profile’s “Contributions” tab, so if you choose to contribute anonymously, your image and name will not appear on a campaign card.

If you usually log into Indiegogo with a password and have not yet connected your account to your Facebook profile, you can do so from your profile’s “Settings” tab. After connecting, log in with Facebook and join your friends in funding the campaigns they’re helping reach their goals. The Settings tab is also where you can find steps to disconnect your Indiegogo account from Facebook.

These new features will roll out gradually over the next month, so you may not see them immediately. Until then, check out Indiegogo on Facebook and Twitter to join the conversation!

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